Swim, Bike, Run, Laugh, Cry

Start again in the mormingGood things are happening.  The swimming continues to go incredibly well, second time out I swam just over a mile in just under an hour.  I did a whole happy dance right there in the pool.  Tomorrow I get to start drills (in addition to lap swimming)  and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m still trying to get my bike out of jail but in the meantime the spinning is also going well, we’re adding load and increasing RPMs. So two out of three disciplines are going well and improving at a good clip. Woo hoo!

Then there’s the running.  The running is improving, just at a painfully slow rate. After a few weeks of steady improvement tonight was just a nightmare run. For my last couple of runs I’ve been dealing with some cramping in my calves. I’ve been trying different things to mitigate it but tonight it was really bad, making my planned tempo run into intervals of running and stretching.  It was incredibly frustrating and as I sat down to make my notes to my coach I just started crying.  It’s not typical for me to deal with frustration by crying, but that’s what’s happening tonight so that’s what I’m going to go with. It’s probably not the last time I’ll cry during this process.

This is, I suppose, exactly what I signed on for.  I wanted to push out of my comfort zone and do things I’m not good at – and I’m certainly achieving that goal. And while it’s a bit disappointing, i think it definitely worked out for the best to postpone the marathon, the pressure is off and I can really take my time with this.

So, in response to my shitty run, I decided to add stuff to my Pinterest Motivational Board, because this is exactly the situation for which it was created, and I found this quote:

“The measure of greatness is not found in your accomplishments. It’s in how much discouragement it takes to stop you.” I wasn’t able to find a source for the quote but whoever you are, I appreciate your wisdom.  And I’m prepared to be as fucking “great” at running as I have to be.

For now, I’ll look forward to spinning and swimming tomorrow!

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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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11 Responses to Swim, Bike, Run, Laugh, Cry

  1. mawe says:

    Ragen – you might look at a high-dose calcium/magnesium supplement if you’re not already taking one. Calcium and Magnesium are both vital to muscle performance and I have had fewer problems with leg cramping since beginning it six months ago. The mag will help mitigate the constipating effects of the calcium, BTW.


  2. Moniqa Aylin says:

    The Pinterest link is not working. 😦


  3. lsstrout says:

    *HIGH FIVES* for persistence!


  4. tab says:

    How are your shoes? I ask because, the wrong kind of running shoes – i.e. size, how it fits your foot – can cause cramps. I usually get a running shoe that is at least a size bigger than my usual size, because your foot will expand during the run. If you haven’t yet, get your gait evaluated by the personnel at a running store. If you’re not comfortable with that, try getting a few pairs from a place that takes returns (I think zappos does) and try out different pairs.

    (I’m a larger gal and training for an Ironman this year, btw. Kudos to you!)


  5. Julie says:

    Good for you! This is so inspiring. Can’t wait to see you nail the Ironman!!!


  6. Julie says:

    IIRC, cramping is usually a sign of potassium deficiency. Maybe eat a banana or something high in potassium before your runs? And water. Tons of water. That should totally help with the cramping. And you’ll nail those too!!!


  7. Julie says:

    And why is your bike in ‘jail?’


  8. G says:

    Hi Ragen! Ugh cramping calves have ruined many a run for me too– it gets really tough and painful to run through. Good advice above; I’d add to take a look at how you’re sleeping, not just quantity/quality but position. Sleeping propped ip on your back with straight legs and feet roughly perpendicular (no heavy blankets) helps your legs rest and heal in a stretched-out position. (Of course this advice is worth exactly what you’ve paid for it 😉


  9. juliakelk says:

    Just stumbled across your blog. It’s brilliant. Way to go and good luck with the Ironman. Loved your post on your first marathon. Great achievement!


  10. AmandaPants says:

    I second Mawe with the magnesium and calcium and I second Julie with the potasium. I’ve been experiencing wicked charlie horses so I know the feeling (like getting kicked out of bed at 3am in pain … awesome sause)… I added all three in my routine: an epsom salt bath for my muscles, added calcium supl. and a banana. Wicked Proud from Boston!


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