Good Swim, Bad Choice

SwimmingToday I swam 1.25 miles in just under an hour.  This is .15 miles farther than last week in the same amount of time.  It’s also a tiny bit farther than the IM 70.3 Swim I’ll be doing in November a tiny bit under the time I have to do it in.  Of course that doesn’t take into account open water, or outdoor conditions, or the fact that I want to do it much faster so that I can buy myself extra time on the run.

So it was a good swim, but not necessarily a good decision.  The type of swimming that I’ve chosen is Total Immersion (TI) swimming.  TI is very technical and, while I’m coming along, there is still a lot of technique for me to work on and in my last lesson we identified three things that I could improve.

So while I was doing my laps tonight I was supposed to be working on those three things and not worried at all about my speed.  And I did that for the first half of the swim.  But then halfway through I got antsy and I wanted to beat my time from last time.  So I decided to increase my stroke rate and I started focusing a little less on technique.  And I had a fast swim and I’m happy about that, but it’s also important to remember that I have 10 months until my IM half and a year and 10 months until my full IM and so at this stage perfecting my technique is much more important than my time or distance, since there is PLENTY of time for that and proper technique increases speed at whatever stroke rate (and that I don’t want to ingrain bad habits.)

So next week I’ll be slowing down and focusing on form, and in the meantime I’ll be happy that I did 1.25 miles in just under an hour.

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5 Responses to Good Swim, Bad Choice

  1. lsstrout says:

    Are you going to be able to practice in the sort of open water you will have to deal with during the half and full IM? I’ve been told any sort of waves make a huge difference.


  2. I always start daydreaming and forget to work on my form…


  3. Good going anyway 🙂 Good luck with your technique 🙂


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