To The Slow Among Us – Inspiration Thursday

If you run you are a runnerSince I talked about a cat with a powerful lesson in body positivity over on my main blog, I thought I should give dogs equal time. Luckily,  a video of a mastiff doing an agility course has been making the rounds of Facebook and it is the most adorable thing, maybe ever (video is at the bottom of the blog.) The positive nature of the comments was also refreshing. A couple of my favorites:

“This dog is my new inspiration in life. He’s doing what he can, when he can, the best he can, and not giving two f*cks about what anyone else thinks. And he finished the course.”

“I shall do this course in my own time and you shall like it or kiss my Mastiff arse”

When it comes to triathlon (and running in particular) I am slow.  It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be fast  and I’m fine with that. Seventeen hours is the only time I care about.

If you are a slow athlete, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Still, you may have experienced a weird situation wherein insecure athletes try to make themselves feel better by comparing themselves to you, or by trying to make you feel bad for your time (it’s always the insecure people, those who are comfortable with themselves and their athletic performance just don’t do this.)

So let me take this inspiration Thursday to say that we are all fine, just the way we are, at whatever time it takes us to do our thing.  We can set goals for speed and join events with time cut-offs, or we can set goals for other reasons and join events without time limits (Mainly Marathons is a good example of an event series that is dedicated to athletes of all speeds) and any choice we make is a completely valid one.

It can also help to remember that nobody is required to derive their self-esteem from being faster than anyone else (including people on the couch who didn’t ask to be involved in this mess.)  And I invite anybody who tries to make us feel bad about ourselves for our athletic endeavors and the time it takes us to achieve them to kiss this Mastiff’s arse – or not, the Mastiff deserves better than that.

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5 Responses to To The Slow Among Us – Inspiration Thursday

  1. This video made me tear up! (of course, I am a dog lover, but still!) inspiring and heart-warming, I loved that everyone was cheering for him!

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  2. lsstrout says:

    I sort of feel like the dog was just humoring the handler. 🙂

    I do hate the whole “I may be slow, but I am faster than you” crap. Who cares? That only matter if we are both being chased by zombies. And if you act like a jerk during the zombie apocalypse, I might very well trip you. Then I only have to put on one burst of speed to knock you down.

    Our society needs to be more supportive and less competitive. There’s nothing wrong with some competition, but it’s gotten out of hand.

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    • juliana says:

      agree! about your last sentence: competition is super cool and legit when it’s CONSENSUAL. like ‘hey, wanna see who is faster? let’s go’.other than this, it is again another example of the use of certains elements (in this case, speed, but it could be thinness, muscles, whatever) to put people down. real athletes NEVER have the attitude of a jerk cause a huge part of sports is respect – for others and for yourself.


  3. Eliza says:

    This dog is me. Every single ultra marathon I’ve run. I watched this three times, I loved it so much. Thank you.

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  4. elizaanne189 says:

    This made me laugh with joy! That dog was just so adorable. I especially loved him going through the sticks. I occasionally watch agility trials and those dogs just rip through it and he ambled.
    This is actually why I mostly work out at home. I can go at my own pace and work within my own limitations and not worry about anyone else.


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