Workout Wednesday

We got the big Mo!I’ve been getting lots of requests to share more about my workouts.  I’m not interested in sharing the specifics of the times and distances for public comment, but I thought it might be cool to use Wednesdays to give a little summary of the workouts from the week before (plus, it gives me a chance for alliteration and how can I possibly pass on that?)

2/3/16 Walk/Run

We are changing strategy from trying to run more to trying to walk faster and work on distance for right now.  So I concentrated on walking as fast as I could most of the time, and I felt really strong. I looked down and was really surprised to find that I was faster than when I was doing more running.  The month of the Momentum is happening.

2/4/16 Swim

It was going great at the beginning – I had some longer sets to do so I used the opportunity to really focus on one technical things at a time.  The first couple sets I focused on keeping my head in a relaxed neutral position which went fine.  Then when I tried to focus on stroke and taking my hand out by my hip instead of in toward my body the whole thing fell apart.  It took me a while to pull it back together but I got it eventually.

2/6/16 Speedwork on the trainer

This felt good. I’m able to do all the intervals at the top of the gear range in the right rpm range. Next week I’m going to try to up the rpms to the top of the range.  These trainer workouts are so painful and so boring, the only thing getting me through them is audiobooks about ultra-marathoners who are suffering more than I am.

2/7/16 Walk/run

This felt really good and was even faster than my last run/walk.  I feel really good about the new strategy – like this is something I can actually work on and improve.  I feel strong and optimistic.

2/8/16 Bike ride

I tried a new trail.  I have been avoiding it for a bit because I’m a creature of habit.  It was…intense.  I may end up doing a whole separate post about it.  There were huge sections where the bike trail was flanked by sheer drops on both sides, there were super steep downhills and uphills, there was a headwind for the entire first half.  On the way back in, part of the trail was inaccessible and the “workaround” included crossing a 5 lane highway with no lights or crosswalks and then negotiating through a narrow hole in a fence.  And this is why I don’t like new trails. But I did it, and it felt strong, and I continue to feel really optimistic.  I got the big Mo!

2/9/16 Swim

I did this swim on three hours of sleep that happened BEFORE I did the bike this morning, as I was driving to the gym I felt like crap.  But as soon as I started swimming it felt strong.  I was almost 10 seconds faster for each interval than last week. Super irritating moment when I got in the hot tub after the swim and a random dude said “Wow, swimming like that you’re going take those pounds off in a hurry.”  I responded “I’m not interested in losing weight” to which he responded “I don’t understand.”  So I repeated “I’m not interested in weight loss, just in swimming faster and farther.”  He said “oh, ok.” I decided I just didn’t have it in me to do a whole thing about Health at Every Size so I left it at that.

2/10/16 Walk/run

My mile times weren’t as fast as I my last two, but I felt like I fought for those times.  My legs were tired, I was tired, and I was struggling to maintain focus (and losing focus for me can mean a dramatic slow down.) I’m really proud of this one.

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4 Responses to Workout Wednesday

  1. lsstrout says:

    It is cool to see how the process of training works for you. Woot for Big Mo!


  2. Marie j says:

    The walk run strategy sounds good. A slow run is slower than a fast walk but more tiring, and in my opinion a lot less fun and more uncomfortable. Why bounce up and down when you can move forward? When you can’t walk any faster, that’s the time to change gait! Like a horse!


  3. melodygloucesterpegasus says:

    Ooh, are there any audiobooks about suffering ultra-runners that you would particularly recommend? The weather is about to turn crappy here and that sounds like exactly the kind of thing that might get me through a long run on the treadmill!


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