Workout Wednesday – 256 Days to Go

Workout WednesdayIt feels like this was a really rough week (insomnia is kicking my ass right now which doesn’t help.) But looking back a lot of the workouts went well – so it’s nice to know that the week went better than it felt (and that doing this weekly reports is helpful to my training!) So with that in mind, enjoy this weeks workouts (posted on Thursday instead of Wednesday because of a surprise Windows 10 upgrade that I didn’t want or ask for that started when I was cooking dinner last night, ugh!)




This went well, I’m feeling stronger and, looking back, I realize I’m doing intervals that are twice as long, in a harder gear, at a higher cadence than I was a couple of weeks ago. Progress.

Strength Training

I love strength training So. Very. Much.

Speed Swim

Despite my shoulder still being pretty sore from the bike wreck, this went really well (I’d like to thank the academy and a shit ton of Advil) my shoulder hurt but loosened up over the course of the swim, I was definitely out of breath the whole time (which is one of the goals of the swim) and I was able to hit my time goal for each interval, including doing 2 more intervals than last week.


Day off, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!


Long speedwalk

Total nightmare start to (early) finish.  I felt like I was working as hard as always but I just couldn’t seem to get any real speed going.  My hip has been aching (from the wreck, I guess) and then it transferred to my knee which started hurting with every step, I kept trying to stretch it out and it kept not working. I started to get worried that I was going to create an actual injury so I decided to stop a few minutes early and live to walk another day. Meanwhile, I’m scheduling a massage.


Hard Ass Bike Ride (Actual entry in my training software from my coach)

This was, indeed, a hard ass bike ride (not 56 miles of hell hard, but really hard.) Normally there’s a bit of wind on the path that I ride, typically a head wind on the way out and a tailwind on the way back in which is nice because I push out and then I get pushed back.  I love me some tailwind.  Not today.  It was straight up windy, and it was cold. Before I even got started there was some adventure when (for the second time since I started riding this path) some drunk people in a truck had wandered out of the parking lot and onto the bike path and yelled at me to get off the road.  I explained that they were on the bike path (with the help of signs with pictures of bikes, and pictures of bikes painted on the path.) Then suggested that they park and find some place to walk to that would serve them coffee until they sobered up. Then I got started on my ride.

I knew I was in trouble when I was in my hardest gear, pedaling easily and going way faster than my normal pace – this was not my ordinary wind. I made the u-turn still in my hardest gear (why didn’t I think this through?) and as I got started in the other directly I – completely involuntarily – yelled “MOTHEREFFER!” as the wind blew me back and I desperately shifted to try to get into a gear where I could actually push the pedals, struggling to keep the bike in a straight line.  What followed was a long, hard push against the wind. I was working as hard as I could and I felt like I was going nowhere – which, based on the time on my watch, is essentially what was happening.  I pulled myself together and started looking for opportunities to get back speed – I worked with a steady effort against the wind, and if there was the slightest downhill or break in the wind I would pedal my ass off.

I got to the first turnaround point but decided that pushing against the wind as much as possible would be better for my training (especially since there is often quite a bit of wind at IMAZ) so that’s what I did.  When I got off the bike my legs felt like jelly but I felt triumphant.


Swim – Long Sets

This went fine. My open water class was rescheduled to next week so we’ll see how it goes when I’m wearing my wetsuit, not turning every 18 meters, and not constantly itchy due to the chlorine. (if you’re wondering, road rash plus itchy hives from the chlorine is the absolute worst!)


Long Bike Ride – or not

Went out for my bike ride today and got about ¼ of the way done when I got picked up by a van – it seemed that because of the recent rain some of the lower parts of the trail had washed out and the trail wasn’t open – I explained that I had entered through an open gate and when we went back it turned out that some enterprising cyclist had cut the chain.  So instead we flipped my Tuesday and Thursday workouts and I did my:

Bike Trainer Workout

Did this another gear harder than last week and was able to keep it within the RPM range (though at the lower end.)  It was rough and there were plenty of times when I wanted to shift into an easier gear but I pushed through it.


Speed Work – Walking

Another series of miles each “as hard as I can go.” I’m having some frustration with this – my perceived exertion for each mile was the same, but one of the miles was more than a minute slower than the others.  This week I’m going to start using a heartrate monitor (now that I finally got it to pair with my Garmin which has been a whole adventure in technology) so hopefully that will help. Overall I’m getting a little bit faster.

A guy rode up beside me on a bike and preceded his hitting on me by saying “Excuse me miss” I told Julianne that I wanted to reply “You can’t get a girl like me with a line like this” and that’s how we learned that Julianne had never heard Positive K’s “I Got A Man” (a song that is problematic on like 100 levels and for which I make no excuses or justifications, but that I still expected her to know) Through the power of YouTube we’ve rectified the situation and I remember how glad I am that neon orange shorts are no longer the look.

Another week in the journey is over and I continue to be inspired by the fact that I only want to have to do this until November 20th.  Cross finish line, get medal, don’t have to do this anymore!

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3 Responses to Workout Wednesday – 256 Days to Go

  1. LBTEPA says:

    I love your training reports! Go Go Go!!


  2. Fyrehaar says:

    Loving it. Heart rate was a huge game changer for me, I hope it helps you (and I love my Garmin but she lies like a rug!!))


  3. lsstrout says:

    Looks like the Month of Much More Momentum is going will! Bummer about the Win 10 update. Microsoft is SO helpful. 🙂


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