Workout Wednesday – 235 Days Left


Workout WednesdayMarch has not had as much momentum as I had hoped for, but I still made good progress.

I have a couple days to think of a theme for April!  For now – this week’s workouts:



Success!  This ride’s goals were a specific average heart rate, and to drink every 10 and eat every 30 (and not eat at the first 30 and then forget for the rest of the ride as I tend to do.

Average heart rate – exactly at goal
Drink every 10 minutes – check
Eat every 30 minutes – check

I felt really good about this ride. Also, a kind of cool thing, I have been watching a bunch of IRONMAN videos on YouTube and there are always tons of artsy shots of people’s shadows on the bike (because trying to put together an hour of coverage of people doing repetitive motion for 17 hours is not that easy I would guess)  As I was biking I would catch my shadow and it looked like the shadows in the videos – comfortable on the bike, strong and stable, legs pumping at a high cadence, and it made me smile.


Day off – it’s my precious!


Today was supposed to be my long walk/run.  I was going to do it in the evening.  I’ve been struggling with sleeping and so I decided to take a quick nap and then go for the run. I’m not sure if I didn’t set the alarm or if I turned it off and don’t remember or what but I woke up 15 hours later – well into the next day.  I texted my coach and offered to to both workouts (Saturday’s run and Sunday’s bike ride) as a brick, but he said just to do the bike.


Hard Ass Ride

This went really well. I pushed a bigger gear than I do on my long ride, went faster than last week and set a new heartrate threshold.  I drank every 10 and ate every 30 and felt really strong.


Strength Workout

My other precious.

Swim – Long Sets

This went fine.  I’m holding at my current speed, thinking about scheduling a couple lessons with my swim coach to work on my speed.  Every minute I gain on the swim is another minute that I have for the run.


Long Bike

This started off oddly and then went bad.  I was doing this ride in the evening and as I was getting on the bike one of the officers who patrol the beach came up and asked “So what are you doing out here?”  I stepped back off the bike, slow-blinking and trying to figure out how to answer in a way that didn’t sound smart ass – I was wearing bike shorts, a bike shirt, a hydration back pack, a GPS watch, a heart rate monitor, a bike helmet and I was literally getting on a bike – who in the world would be confused as to what I was doing? So I just smiled and said “Going for a training ride.”  He asked what I was training for and it turns out that he’s done a couple marathons and is thinking about doing an IRONMAN. Mostly I was annoyed that he was delaying my ride, but I was also aware of my privilege as a white person dealing with a police officer and the fact that we were chit chatting and I was perfectly safe.

I finally got started and everything was going great, this is another ride with a heart rate target and I was hitting it while clicking off great mile times. I made the turnaround at the end of the path and realized too late that the little bit of sand that is usually there was now blown into a deep drift of sand. I was riding through it and then I wasn’t anymore – my bike stopped but I didn’t – went off the front left side, landing on my left knee and hand.  I tried to walk it off which didn’t work, I was still several miles from my car so I rode back but my knee was swelling up and hurting pretty badly. I don’t think there’s any major damage but I finished less than half this ride. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.


Knee update:  Saw the doctor just to be on the safe side.  Looks like no major damage, he advised taking a day or two off with lots of icing and anti-inflamatories, then I can get right back to it. Also, zero fat shaming so that feels like a major victory. Everybody tells you that you will deal with injuries and setbacks on the journey, everybody tells you that you are going to miss workouts but it’s still a bummer when it happens.

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2 Responses to Workout Wednesday – 235 Days Left

  1. Re: swimming… does your pool have a masters team? Starting to attend masters workouts did wonders for my swimming this winter. There’s a coach on deck to give me advice on my form, and swimming with other people helps me push myself in the workouts more. It might be something to look into. 🙂


  2. lsstrout says:

    Since it is spring, perhaps April’s theme could be Springing Forward!

    Suck about the knee, but glad there is no major damage.


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