Workout Wednesday (ish) – 227 Days to Go

Workout WednesdayWhen we left off last workout Wednesday I had wrecked my bike (again) and was RICEing my way through a couple days off.  I wrecked the bike on Tuesday, then took Wednesday off, I did my speed work on Thursday.  Then I woke up on Friday and my knee was killing me so I took Friday off (it’s my normal day off anyway, but I had planned to try to push my usual Thursday bike ride to Friday.)  My knee was still really hurting so I ended up taking of Saturday and Sunday as well. In all, I did four of eight workouts for the week, with my long bike ride cut short by the wreck.

On Sunday night I found myself feeling guilty about missing the workouts, stressed about all the workouts to come, and just generally in a funk. In that mood I got a Facebook message from a friend – this past year one of my favorite dance couples retired from competition and my friend had sent me the video of their last competition.  That set off a marathon session of watching dance competition videos and desperately missing dancing (when people said “You’re such a good dancer” instead of “Are you ok?” and I looked forward to my workouts.)

Watching dancing also made me realize that, while I was legitimately hurt and taking those days off wasn’t the worst idea ever, the truth is that I would have absolutely danced through that injury and so, at some level, it was an excuse not to do the workouts, because I would have danced. Some days the realities of this challenge – of doing things I don’t enjoy and I’m not good at for long period of time almost every day – can be really overwhelming.

But there’s nothing for it but to work harder to make sure that I finish this IRONMAN and I’m not faced with deciding whether to go through all this again. So I threw myself back into it on Monday with everything I had, and it’s been a good week so far.


Speedwork – walk

Series of miles with the instructions ” ALL OUT EFFORT AS FAST AS YOU CAN DO IT!!” with complete recovery in between. This was not as fast as I can go, but it was as fast as I could go today. My knee wasn’t too bad but the recovery intervals worked against me because it would feel better as I warmed up, then get stiff when I rested which was progressively worse with each mile.


Swimming – Long Sets

Added two additional long sets and I was pushing hard and definitely tired at the end. It was nice to get back to working out.

Strength training

This has a lot of lunges and squats so I was a bit worried about my knee but it was fine.  Go go gadget strength workout.


Long Bike Ride

The goal of this ride was to keep a target heart rate plus or minus three beats per minute.  My average heart rate was the goal plus 3 beats per minute so I achieved the goal, but in general the workout was a bit frustrating because I could have gone faster. But I followed directions so we’re counting that as a win.

Unfortunately my wreck fucked up my seat and the seat post. I had re-adjusted it and thought I got it right, but a few minutes into the ride I was completely disabused of that notion. So I made up for the ease of the workout with extreme discomfort in my knees, ass, lower back, neck and… other things (I never wanted to have kids though, so it’s all good.) I’m taking the bike in on Friday to be re-fit.


Speedwork – walking

A series of miles, each as hard as I can go with complete recovery in between. I pushed as hard as I could and got some decent times despite street harassment from a guy who hit on me during my recovery phase and, when I didn’t respond affirmatively, followed me muttering about how I was an ungrateful fat bitch, and I wouldn’t get many chances. So, a generally charming blend of street harassment and fat bashing.  I finally turned around and yelled at him until he went away.  I’m still slow as molasses in January in a place that is colder than here, but I’ll get there.

If you’re interested, here’s the dance video.

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6 Responses to Workout Wednesday (ish) – 227 Days to Go

  1. Denny says:


    Love the updates…I too am a fat triathlete and have long suffered with knee injuries. I live out in Riverside and have found the absolute best Orthopedic doctor on the planet at treating knees. To add to it he absolutely does not fat shame, nor does he believe the utter BS that “fat=bad knees.” He’s in Chatsworth so not sure how far that is for you but he’s so worth it. I won’t leave his name here but if you are interested, I left my email in the dialogue box below.

    Either way, I wish you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see that medal around your neck!



  2. foodinspiredlife says:

    Your tenacity and awareness of self is very inspiring! Love the updates!


  3. lsstrout says:

    I’d like to say something pithy and supportive here, but sometimes things are just annoying and you have to cope. But you clearly already know that.

    Hope the knee settles down quickly.


  4. Whitney says:

    I love the way you give yourself full permission to do something of your own volition while acknowledging that you don’t enjoy it. Sometimes I feel as though choosing to do something means I have to either like it or pretend I had no choice, and yours is a much more grown-up way of behaving! Thanks as always for the inspiration, Ragen!


  5. Heidi says:

    Could some dancing count as cross training?


  6. gsantollo says:

    When you’re in pain taking off is a good thing…. That being said you have to look deep in yourself and know if you are really in pain or not. Training through pain is a bad idea 75-90% of the time and only does more damage…


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