Workout Thursday – Seven Months to Go

Hating Every MinuteThis week was another rough one.  My Best Friend suggested today that perhaps they will just all be rough, and that seems about right. I’m in a weird place of wanting the IRONMAN to be now so that I can have it over with, except I’m not ready yet so I want it to be as far away as possible.

I have seven months to go which seems simultaneously like forever and not nearly enough time.  Paradox, thy name is my IM journey.

Here are the workouts:


Intervals – Bike

This went well. I hit the heart rate targets  and I was faster than last week. I had to stop once because they had closed of the middle of the bike path so that a bunch of cars could cross from the sandy beach into the parking lot, directed by police officers.  I have no idea what the hell that was about but I had to change my plan for the rest of the intervals (I try to do the intervals without any turnarounds.)


Precious day off.


Long Interval walk/run

This went terribly. The idea was to hold a pace 3 minutes per mile faster than my normal pace for three minutes, then back off to a slower walk for 2 minutes, repeated for almost two hours.  I don’t know if I didn’t warm up enough or I was just having a bad day but after the first interval I had the tightness in the side of my ankles that has been an on and off issue since I was kid. That moved to my calves and my Achilles. Soon every step was incredibly painful and the muscles were so tight that I couldn’t properly flex my foot and stride and so not only couldn’t I hold the fast pace, I couldn’t even maintain my usual pace. I stopped over and over again to try to stretch it out but it was no use so eventually I just trudged along slowly and in pain.  It is super frustrating because I need to get faster, intervals are the traditional way to get faster but I am having serious struggles with them. Blergh.


Hard Ass Ride – intervals Bike

Everything in my ankles was still so tight  that I couldn’t finish my bike intervals. Not ideal.


Long Swim – slightly slower than last week, I zoned out in the middle and fell into an easier pace. Then this happened (and I posted it to Facebook!)

Ten minutes left in my long swim and I am dragging. Me: “Ok brain, this is your moment – we need a song. You remember all the words to every catchy but hella problematic song from the nineties (Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!) Make it happen.” Brain: I’ve totally got this!” And then proceeds to play THE FUNKY CHICKEN for the next 10 minutes. They say that with IRONMAN your mental game is as important as your physical game. I am totally screwed. *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Still, this is the only one of the three disciplines where I’m currently at my target pace and only have to add distance.  Ocean is too cold for me to swim so I’m still doing this at the pool.  I cannot wait to get out of the pool and into open water.


Long Bike Ride

This was one of those grind it out workouts where time just goes by super slowly and I look at the watch thinking 10 minutes have gone by and its been two. (So I’ve learned to trick myself by saying “you can look at your watch when you get to that next sign” and then, when I get to the sign saying “you can look at the watch until you get to that hill” lather, rinse, repeat until I stop wanting to look at the watch.) I was tired (sleepy tired, not muscle tired) from the start. Despite two showers since my swim (the first one including a Vitamin C rinse that’s supposed to neutralize the chlorine) when I started sweating I smelled chlorine and then broke out in full body hives which didn’t subside until 2 hours into the ride.  I finished and hit my heart rate, drinking, and eating goals.  Huzzah.


Strength Workout

Lunges and squats, my old friends!

Mid distance tempo walk

When I say mid-distance I mean that we are increasing the length of my long walk so what counted as my long walk distance last week is my “mid distance” starting this week, I’m actually glad about it, I felt like I had some catch-up to do from the interval disaster. I was definitely still feeling it in my achilles, ankles and calves, especially the right one.  I took breaks after miles one and two to stretch and then did the rest of the miles without stopping.  Did this all with a metronome and didn’t throw my phone in the ocean despite the constant beeping so there’s a victory right there. I held the cadence the whole time which I wasn’t able to come even close to doing when we tried the metronome last year. Progress, however slow, however painful.

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2 Responses to Workout Thursday – Seven Months to Go

  1. lsstrout says:

    Suck about the ankle and calf tightness! Do any of those muscle heat creams help?


  2. gsantollo says:

    Hey Regan I found when I started taking sodium pills during my workouts it really began to help with muscle tightness and fatigue. I use succeed s caps they are on Amazon are jar of 100 isn’t exactly cheap but they go a long way!


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