Workout Wednesday – 207 Days to Go

Workout Wednesday

It’s been a pretty good week.  The workouts are getting a big longer as I still pursue more speed and the IM looms less than seven months from now. I’ve developed a mantra right for this stage of the training “I’m getting faster every day and I’m going to make it!”


Speedwork – Bike

What has two thumbs and learned to program intervals into her Garmin?  This guy!  (I even set my heart rate zones.  BOOM!) Now I don’t have to worry about lapping on the watch, but in downside the thing beeps at me even more which I didn’t even know was possible, so there’s that.  This workout got changed up this week to include more short sprints and then a series longer intervals. The short intervals were definitely tough, and I manipulated it so that I did most of the intervals against the wind for extra work. I hit my heart rate targets which are the main goals, so success.


Day off!!!!!


Long run

About a mile and a half longer than we’ve been doing. I was dreading this workout all day and procrastinated almost an hour after I decided it was time to get it done.  I did the first mile with no pace or cadence requirements to help work out my ankle/calf pain and cramping.  Then I stopped and stretched and got ready to get started for real.  I set the cadence and got going.  I’m still really surprised at how much my pace can fluctuate within the same cadence.  I had to pee at the end of mile 2, but the miles were clicking by surprisingly fast and as I started into the third mile the pain in my ankles faded and I actually felt pretty good. I feel like it’s really positive that the first couple of miles went by easily. Because I’m basically pushing for a PR every day it can sometimes have the frustrating sense of never getting any easier.

On the last mile I still felt pretty good so I kicked the cadence up by 5 and started pushing as hard as I could.  It was faster than the previous two miles and it was as hard as I could have gone. I finished feeling proud of the workout.


Hard Ass Ride – Intervals

Got a late start for my ride and then I realize that I hadn’t cleaned my bike in a while.  Where I ride there’s lots of sand so it’s extra important. I quickly cleaned the bike and cleaned and lubed the chain.  I set it down to pump up the tires and there is clearly a problem with the front tire.  I had a flat. I thought – No problem, I’ve trained for this.  I got out my hot pink tire tool and the new tube.  I shifted into the smallest chain rings.  I’ve got this.  I released the break.  I pulled the quick release.  It will not move.  I pulled as hard as I could. Nothing.  The last two times I did this it was absolutely no problem so I don’t know what the hell the problem is now but I can’t get it to even budge.  I attempt to use tools to pry it loose. Nothing.  This thing was stuckity stuck and I don’t want to go nuclear on it because I am terrified of hurting my bike (because it took so long to find the bike and to get it customized.) I love Phyxius, my Frankenbike, and I can’t afford to lose any more training time for repairs if I break it. I decided that I’ll take it into the bike shop where they likely have tools specific to this situation.   It was at that point almost 3am  and I didn’t want to miss this ride, so I decided to head to the gym to use the dreaded spin bike.  Luckily it’s the shortest ride of the week, and it’s intervals so it would go by faster than just a long ride.

I got to the gym and the place was deserted – 3:30am is not prime workout time. I got going and remembered how much I do not love the spin bike.  Six minutes into the warmup and my ass was hurting. Awesome. I started my intervals and things were moving along.  As it got to be 4:00 and then 4:30 the gym started to fill up with early birds.  Finally I was on my last interval and a dude came to use the bike next to me.  I don’t know what cologne he was wearing but I do know that he absolutely marinated in it before coming to the gym. I’m lucky that I don’t have chemical sensitivities but trying to do a highly cardiovascular activity while choking on Axe is not fun.  I finished, took my selfie and got the hell out of there.


Did this after my bike as the sun started to come up (It’s rare that I see a sunrise – it basically only ever happens if I’m still awake, so that was cool.)


No workout, not sure why but I did enjoy the extra day off.


Hard Ass Ride – Bike

A series of long intervals all “as hard as you can go.” I much prefer this format to the heart rate focused intervals since it lets me push as hard as I can. I felt pretty good about this workout.  I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to get to the speed goal on the last interval, but I fought for it.  Hit the rest of the speed targets.


Mid distance tempo run.

These used to be done for speedbuilding with each mile as hard as I could possibly go and complete recovery in between.  Now it’s just done as a threshold run.  I kind of miss the old set up because I didn’t have to worry that I would push too hard at the beginning and lose it at the end.  (You know what they say – start slow, then taper off!) so I think in order to get faster here I’ll just have to accept that I might overshoot it and end up with some slow miles at the end.  This week I had some extra gas in the tank at the end so I increased cadence on the last mile. Also, maybe it was all the skunks that put me on edge but (and I say this as someone who has been way to close to several of them) the sound of a sprinkler starting is very much like the sound of an angry rattlesnake… so, coach – about that heartrate spike…

Strength Workout

I can always count on this workout to be a total success!

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  1. lsstrout says:

    So what did the bike shop have to do to get the tire off?


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