Workout Wednesday – 172 Days to Go

Workout WednesdayAnother week, another week of workouts!  I continue to make progress, I continue to fear that it’s not enough progress fast enough, but there’s nothing for it but more hard work!




Bike Intervals

My legs were definitely still tired from last night’s hills when I started, but after the warmup I felt surprisingly good. I tried to embrace the suck and do as many of the intervals as possible into the wind. I was able to maintain speeds that used to be impossible so I’m chipping away at the speed that I need.

Strength Workout

After the hills and the bike intervals, this was…a challenge.  I left a note from my legs in the notes I write for my coach.  It said:

Dear Steve,

Fuck you.

Very sincerely,

Ragen’s legs


Long walk/run

I added hills this week, it kicked my ass – the last two miles were brutal but the time also passed way faster than it does when I do this on a flat course.

Strength Workout

I think it’s particularly cruel that I have to come home from my long walk/run and do a leg strength workout. But it’s still more fun than walking, running, biking, or swimming.


Bike Intervals

I almost didn’t do this workout because I just felt like crap.  But I drug myself out there and it went really well, a mile farther than last week with the same intervals and time so that’s not bad.  Then I got home and went to enter my workout in the software and realized that I neglected to read the note that I was supposed to do this on the trainer.  Oops.


Long Swim

The reported shark (or possibly sea lion) attack near where I swim was on my mind during this swim.  My coach insists that a shark attack nearby actually lessens the statistical chances of me getting bitten.  I say that I saw Jaws and so I know that they develop a taste for human blood (and probably neoprene) and so he’s not fooling me.  Ear protection that works continues to allude me, and ocean water doesn’t agree with my digestive system.  In new fun, my wetsuit actually chaffed my face (WTF?  That has never happened before) so I finished with a burn on my face, an ear ache, a stomach ache, and super tired, but I finished.   And this is my best of the three disciplines so that’s just great.

Strength Workout

Completed. I really appreciate that there’s no chance of sunburn, abject misery, or shark attack during these workouts.

Short walk/run

This sucked. The first few miles are always the worst part of any walk/run workout that I do and this was no exception.  I finished it, that’s the good news.


Mid distance walk/run

One more big hill than last week.  It feels good to work this hard, and the time definitely goes by faster.

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About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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10 Responses to Workout Wednesday – 172 Days to Go

  1. Heather Westerfelhaus says:

    Just think when you’re done with this challenge it will suddenly feel like you’ve gotten a raise and found tons of extra time.


  2. DennyTriMoney says:

    Such an awesome job Ragen!


  3. lsstrout says:

    As finals approach, I am also resigned to embrace the suckage. At least it is only a couple of weeks for me.

    I will continue to cheer for you for the rest of your journey!



    • DennyTriMoney says:

      I’m 61 now and all that seems so long ago (but still so stressful) what are you studying?


      • lsstrout says:

        It’s a second round of college stuff for me – I’m getting an associates in Network Administration. I already have a BA.

        Job went away, needed more skills for the current market so here I am. I should probably add that I am taking four classes, which is why it is sucky at the moment. At least this is the last bit before getting certifications.


    • The cheering is appreciated and I’m cheering for you. GO ISSTROUT Kick those final’s asses 🙂



  4. Penny Wilkin says:

    You clearly have more of a sense of humour than any of my very serious athletes…..who have never left me a “fuck you” comment from their legs!!!! 🙂


  5. Joan Herr says:

    Good job working out despite chafing, sharks and fatigue! Hows your dietary intake. Just curious about your protein intake since that is part of your training. Keep it up. Since I live in Tempe, I am going to try and come out and cheer you on…Are you in the Rock and roll marathon in January..? Joan Herr


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