Workout Wednesday – 164 Days to Go

Workout WednesdayThis was a solid week of workouts, I’m happy with how things are going.

For those confused about why my pilates workouts make the cut for Selfie Sunday but not Workout Wednesday, it’s because they aren’t on my official schedule – I decide when/if I want to do pilates. I want the workout Wednesdays to track with my official coach-created workout schedule, but rest assured I love my pilates workouts!



Bike Ride – Intervals

Bike is in the shop so I went to the gym and completed it on the spin bike – I have determined that they create spin bike seats to be purposefully uncomfortable because they hate me.

Leg Strength Workout

Oh under-appreciated  strength workout, thank you for never making my ass go numb.


Long walk/run

Per coach’s instructions I did hills on the first half and then worked to increase stride rate and speed on a flatter course for the second half. I tried a longer stride on the flat parts and that seemed to increase speed a bit.  I felt less shitty than last time.  These are getting long enough now that nutrition is becoming an issue, I have a really hard time eating or drinking anything but water when I walk/run.  I tried gel chews for this workout but they definitely did not settle well so we’re going to try some other options.

Leg Strength

Definitely a challenge after the long run/walk.


Have my bike back, coach ordered this one up on the trainer which is not my favorite thing and ended up being super frustrating.  I cannot get my heart rate up where it needs to be, even in low gears at high cadences and it feels only half as difficult as the workout that I get on the road. I googled this and was at least relieved to know that it’s a common problem and not just me! I’m hoping that there aren’t a lot of these left in my future.


Long Bike Ride

This was not easy. We haven’t done this in a couple of weeks and it felt a little windier than last time I did this, especially at the end (or I could have been more tired but I think my heart rate backs up my wind theory since my speed stayed consistent but my heart rate went up.  I hit my speed goal and my heart rate goal so I’m feeling good about this ride.


This day did not go well. I slept horribly and woke up not feeling well so I decided to postpone my open water swim for a couple of hours.  I did some work and then decided to just lie down for a little bit before I went swimming.  I set my alarm for am instead of pm and woke up at 11pm with three workouts still left to do.  Not idea.

Short walk/run

Felt like crap, didn’t come close to meeting my speed goal on this, but finished it.

Long Swim

Did this at the pool because, even if it was allowed, no power on this earth would get me to swim in the ocean after dark.  I do not miss the chlorine and the hives and the itching, or the boredom of swimming 18 meters at a time, but it was kind of lovely to get to swim laps without dealing with a wetsuit, currents, nature touching me, or the constant (somewhat irrational) fear of sharks.

Strength Workout

I was tired when I got home from the pool, but I got this done as well.  Three down, none to go – until tomorrow.



Mid Distance walk/run with hills

I added another full hill (6 this week as opposed to 5 last week) and I was still faster than last week. I noticed that my impossible bank has made a shift here – when I first starting doing these hills I would often worry that I would need to stop on the way up.  Now I’ve never stopped once and it’s a given that I’ll get to the top without stopping, even as I grind out the last (and steepest!) hill.  I felt better throughout, I’m slowly adding some running back in, and I was able to run more of it than last week, and after it was over I felt way better than I did last week. Progress.

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7 Responses to Workout Wednesday – 164 Days to Go

  1. gsantollo says:

    Try eating pretzels or potato chips… They are going to have them at the aide stations… I rarely drink soda (I’m a beer man) but during the run of a half or full I’m getting down on Coca-Cola and potato chips it settles my stomach and gives me instant energy… I think the salt and grease from the chips with the sugar works together in a good way when your tummy is fucked


  2. I super struggle with my nutrition on endurance races, so let me know what you find out!


  3. DennyTriMoney says:

    Such an awesome job Ragen! Your fans are pulling for you! I love your coaches plan btw, I’ve done several with other coaches on Training Peaks but I think yours sounds the best by far.


  4. I have a hard time with gels and chews as well. They coat my teeth with sugar and upset my stomach. Recently I tried cubing a sweet potato, roasting it with coconut oil and salt, and then putting it in a baggie once it was cool to take on a long run. Much easier on the stomach!! If you don’t like sweet potato, regular potato would probably also work. Just a suggestion to try if you are interested.


  5. lsstrout says:

    This whole eating while moving is just weird to me. I hope you get it worked out.


  6. standgale says:

    Hi, i’m never sure if i find these posts inspiring or just terrifying, but i am impressed with your determination and strength. It makes sense to me now that is called an ironman, because you have to have an iron will to do it! Good luck and keep it up, every day is another victory and doing the ironman is going to be absolutely amazing!


  7. Susan says:

    I also heard a suggestion from an ultra runner (I can’t remember who), to try eating dates for run nutrition. I have not tried this yet, so can’t give personal experience, but I plan to try it in the future in my training. You’re doing so great; thanks for sharing your journey!


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