Oh What A Beautiful Morning? 96 Days to Go

I’ve done most of my workouts for this IM at night.  There are lots of reasons for this – it avoids the sun (I’m prone to blistering sunburn even with sunscreen,) it’s cooler, and I’m a natural night owl so I do my best workouts at night.

But we’ve reached the time in my training when I need to be working out in the mornings to get used to waking up and working out early, and to get used to biking in the sun (which I’ll be doing a lot of since I’ll basically be biking all damn day.)

So I woke up at 6am yesterday and stumbled through my routine to get ready for my long bike ride (the fact that I’ve developed a technique to make sure that I get the aquaphor on all of my lady bits regardless of how tired I am is both comforting and disturbing.)  I am really, really not a morning person, and I had not slept well as I was tossing and turning thinking about the bike ride I had to do.

Let’s start with the bad news.  I was really slow.  Slower than I normally am, slower than I was before I got sick, slower than I’ve been when I was doing these rides early in the sun earlier this year, slower than I was last week. Far slower than I need to be to get through the IM. Slow. I’m not sure why.  I didn’t even feel particularly tired after I got done, I just felt like I didn’t have any energy or strength during the ride, and while my speed was low my heart rate was pretty high.  Maybe it was lack of sleep, or working out in the sun, or I need different nutrition/hydration, or maybe it was just a bad day.

Now the good things:

Last week was my first long bike ride after missing a bunch of workouts while I was sick.  It was really painful, everything hurt! This week, felt much better.

I didn’t quit. Doing these workouts is difficult enough but when I am consistently way behind the times I expect (and need) they can be frustrating and depressing and the urge to quit can become overwhelming.  I desperately wanted to quit less than a third of the way through the ride but I just kept pushing and I finished it out and I’m proud of that. All I can do is keep working!

What’s inspiring me today:

Julianne and I were watching an incredibly cheesy television show about gymnastics and this song came on.  As usual, my cheesy inspirational music game is strong and I want to share that with y’all:


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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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3 Responses to Oh What A Beautiful Morning? 96 Days to Go

  1. Feeling tired on that long ride in the morning could totally be attributed to any one of those variables you mentioned — plus, the fact that you’re not a morning person and this was your first long ride in early morning. That’s amazing you did it without quitting, regardless of speed; good on you! You’ll figure out your “new” morning routine. I’m on the tail end (I hope) of a brutal chest infection, so any activity I do involves lots of coughing, hacking and spitting (which is gross, but necessary) and I have to settle for being a lot slower than I am when my breathing is not compromised.



  2. Oh! I forgot to mention – I just downloaded Sia’s “Unstoppable” as my new favourite go-to psych-up song. They’ve been playing it on CBC’s broadcast of the Olympics and now it’s in my head. I highly recommend it for your playlist!


  3. lsstrout says:

    Hooray for persistence!


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