Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 3

monday-recapAnother good week in my swim and strength block!

12/5/16 – Short Swim

This time it was warm up and drills, then a series of short sprints with short rests, then a cool down.  The thing that made this swim memorable was that somebody jumped in to share my lane and I didn’t see him until we collided.  I usually swim late and night and I’m just not used to sharing a lane with anyone or even thinking that someone might have jumped into my lane while I was mid-lap.  I apologized and he was super friendly and I pulled it together and we shared the lane just fine for the rest of the swim.  Lane Sharing – Achievement unlocked.

12/6/16 – Strength Workout

I am glad that we are doing this strength and swim block of training.  I’m getting stronger and I feel like it’s really going to help when I get back to the bike and run.

12/7/16 – Speedwork Swim

I am so happy with this swim.  I blew my goal times out of the water (see what I did there!) I’m swimming faster than I did last year, and I’m really enjoying these swims with lots of sprints.

12/8/16 – Strength Work

Another day, another eleventy gabillion squats.

12/9/16 – Day off

12/10/16 – Long Swim

1 second per 100 meters faster than last week, I’ll take any gain I can get! Seriously though, this swim went great, it was faster than the goal time we set for last year and it was pretty easy.  This is listed as a “steady, easy swim” but I think next week I’ll still push a bit harder.

Another first  – there was a dude in the lane beside me who I became aware was taking long rests and then starting his lap at the same time as me.  Maybe it was a coincidence (that happened during the entire 3o-ish minutes that he was in the water with me) or maybe the reason he was having to take the long rests was that I was swimming faster than him so he had to wait for me to finish another  lap in order to start at the same time.

To be super clear, I don’t know anything about this person – their goals, their swim experience or anything else, and me being faster than someone obviously isn’t a value judgement.  What it is, is a pretty new experience. I’ve heard that it gives people a burst of motivation to pass someone, so I typically consider myself to be doing basically everyone the great service of helping them improve their morale by giving them someone to pass.  I can’t say that it made me feel good or better to pass someone, but it was an interesting experience.

12/11/16 – Missed Workout – Bike

Today was supposed to be a bike ride for fun, but family stuff lasted longer than expected, time got away from me, and I didn’t get it in.  I notice that I have a really hard time with workouts where the notes say “just have fun” or “just [run/bike/swim] for this amount of time don’t worry about speed or anything” and where there is no goal for time or heart-rate or anything. This isn’t a criticism of my coach –  it’s a perfectly reasonable workout. It’s a criticism of me – I haven’t had a lot of workouts like this, but I took some time to look back at workouts that I’ve missed and I noticed that a pretty high percentage had in common that there was no goal other than to complete the workout and, often, to “have fun!” It seems like it’s a subconscious mental thing (maybe since there’s no way I’m going to have fun I somehow feel like there is no way to achieve the stated goal?) so maybe I feel like I can blow off these workouts?  Regardless of what’s going on, I obviously need to fix this, and so I’m re-committing to consciously make sure I’m not blowing off these workouts.

Here are this week’s Selfies:

About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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8 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 3

  1. 1 second per 100m faster is a fantastic improvement and it REALLY adds up over time and distance (obvs), congratulations! I’m a steady swimmer, myself; not fast at all unless I’m doing sprint sets, which I rarely do (but reading your blog, maybe I should include some in to improve?). Whenever faster swimmers pass me, I’m cool, so long as we both follow the lane etiquette. There’s one ass in the fast lane who refuses to respect any other swimmer. He always goes at his pace, never checks to see if someone’s in front or behind him, trying to maintain their rhythm and stick to their set, and if you happen to be too slow for him, he pushes, shoves, grabs and scratches until you are successfully out of his way. He’s a true swim-asshole, but I try very hard to put a positive spin on his presence by thinking of him as Race Dude who is there to keep me aware of my surroundings and to simulate race conditions when you inevitably collide with others. 😉


  2. Denny says:

    Great job Ragen. I have the most adorable little boy that I teach Tae Kwon Do to at my DoJang and like a lot of kids these days he is fat but he is one of the hardest workers I know. His parents are divorced and when his father brings him to class, the poor little guy is not focused and seems scared. I decided I finally needed to address it with his father which I did last Tuesday night. Of course the father said to me that he wasn’t surprised as he doesn’t allow the little boy to eat before class and makes him walk to the DoJang so he can lose weight. I was heartbroken to hear this and recommended to the father that for the tremendous amount of physical activity we do, the boy needs to not have an empty stomach in order to concentrate. The father very curtly said he would “think about it.” I thought and thought and thought about how to handle this for when I saw them again on Thursday. My answer? Share your blogs to show them that the little boy is amazing as he is now and will continue to be amazing no matter what shape his body takes as he continues to grow. After class on Thursday I took his mother aside and related the conversation I’d had with the father (of course they don’t see eye to eye on most issues) and recommended that she read your blogs. Well I got an email from her yesterday and not only did she spend the entire weekend reading your blogs, she is going to contact her lawyer to see about modifying the visitation schedule and she’s asking her lawyer to use your blogs as evidence! I know you reach people across the country in your speaking engagements and get to see people’s reaction while you speak, but I sure hope you know how far your reach extends, to people who may never be able to say thank you in person. Your blogs may have literally saved a little boy’s life. Thank you so much.


  3. lsstrout says:

    Love the new swimsuit!

    For the ‘just have fun’ rides, maybe you could make your goal something else, like ‘spot five animals’ or ‘plan date night’.


  4. Cicci says:

    It really feels like you… changed your mindset since deciding to postpone the race. You seem much happier and focused, rather than miserable and “bearing it”.

    I hope you feel that way too!


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