Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 4

monday-recapThis is a planned week of alternate workouts because I’m out of town with access to amazing hiking. So I’ve been spending a lot of time hiking and, interestingly, I think it’s possible that it’s not so much that I hate nature, as that I hate nature when it’s 75,000 degrees outside, because I’m enjoying the woods and the cold!

12/12/16 – Swim

I did this swim while Julianne and our friend Ericka did water aerobics.  This was a heated outdoor pool which was interesting because it was cold (well, by LA standards…) It was all good until I had to get out!

12/13/16 – Strength Workout

My squats and lunges now have new friends – broad jumps and jumping rope.  Woot.

12/14/16 – Is icing considered cardio?

Injury that would only happen to me:  For giftmas Julianne, my partner, said that the only thing she wanted was to pet baby animals.  So I found a cool petting zoo that is made up of rescue animals that live on a farm and can be brought to your house, the fee supports their rescue. We had them in our yard and it was awesome (and if you want to meet your neighbors, I recommend putting an adorable cow in your yard.)

Before they want home their rescuer human hosed down our porch to make sure everything was clean.  I was moving a big heavy wooden bench up onto the porch and my foot slipped on the wet porch and suddenly one foot was up on the porch caught behind the bench and the other foot was about a foot and a half lower and much farther away from the other foot than is its preference. Something pulled in my back.  For about an hour every time I stepped through with my left leg I got a sharp flash of intense pain.  I freaked out because I was leaving on a trip the next day and because I don’t want to deal with a back injury.  I rotated ice and heat, took anti-inflammatories, tried to stop myself from testing it every 2 minutes, got acupuncture (yay community acupuncture clinic being open until 7pm!) and hoped for the best.  By the end of the night it was tender but no longer a sharp pain.

12/15/16 Travel and soaking tub day

By the morning it felt quite a bit better and when I got off the plane it was surprisingly good. A six hour drive on icy roads didn’t help things but thanks to one of Julianne’s company’s clients giving her a gift certificate, I got to stay – for free – in a room where I could sit in a huge soaking tub with mineral water, in front of a fire, while watching television. This is something that should always be in my life! The soaking seemed to help even more and I was excited about hiking around the next day.

12/16/17 – Hiking/walk

Behind the place where I was staying was a large wooden fence so I couldn’t really see what was back there other than a large hill. I decided to see if it was possible to climb the hill.  I found a small access road and it turns out that behind the hotel was a huge meadow and woods.  I spent a couple hours exploring and it was glorious. My back was a bit sore but not too bad.

12/17/16 – Hiking with a little climbing

I spent so much time in the meadow/woods yesterday that I didn’t get to climb the hill.  I did notice that some inlets had been created with stairs, stones, and trails.  I headed back and it was like a whole different world – everything had frozen overnight. It was beautiful and ethereal. And slippery.  But I was determined so I started up the first trail I saw.  It was built out with stones and it required a little scrambling, it led about halfway up the hill to a little sitting area.  I decided that having a soaking wet ass would not make my hike better so I skipped the sitting and headed back down.

I found another trail up with some stairs. It required a lot of scrambling (the steps were more than knee high in some cases and super slick as the frost was now melting with, of course, nothing to hold on to) it led up to a higher trail that crossed the hill so I explored up there and saw the same trail that I had been walking from above instead of below.  It was beautiful. But after a couple of hours with the slipping and sliding I had pushed my back about as far as I wanted to so I went back down and soaked in my soaking tub.

12/18/16 – Ocean and Redwoods

Drove to some amazing Redwoods and then out to the coast. Got to see beautiful woods, fabulous ocean and rocky shoreline, and some seals!


Here are this week’s selfies – missing the strength workout because I totally spaced it but with lots of extra selfies because it was just so pretty!


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3 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 4

  1. standgale says:

    That looks like some lovely nature 🙂


  2. lsstrout says:

    Nature is lots of fun! Glad you didn’t hurt your back seriously.


  3. Denny says:

    Good job, the photos of the hikes look lovely.


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