Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 8

monday-recapThis was a good week. We’re getting back into the grind – two workouts on several days, longer distances, more intensity. I remember when I felt like ten months was all the time in the world, but now it feels like the IM is tomorrow.


Short Run

This went fine. Ankle still doing well.


Bike Intervals

The new, shorter cranks make me much more comfortable on the trainer.  This ride was a series of “all-out” intervals.  Per my coach’s notes to me “The All Out Efforts are EYE BULGING” And they were.  I think I finally cracked the code for resistance on the trainer – in the past I’ve really struggled between a resistance that didn’t let me get my heart rate up, and a resistance that didn’t allow me to pedal a smooth stroke (and killed my knees.) I think that the new set-up must have helped asI was able to work at the top of my heart rate in relative comfort (relative being the operative word.)


Squat, Squat baby!


Short Run

Decided to do this one at a local park for a change of location (though not at a local park that’s chock full o’ rattlesnakes, because just no.) We also decide to test out something else new. I mentioned before that one of the issues with my getting faster is that I have difficulty with perceived exertion as a measurement of intensity.  One of the things we’re doing to fix that is training by heart rate.

Another thing we’ve talked about is getting a pacer – someone to run or bike along with me.  This is difficult first because I don’t know many people who want to crawl along at my snail’s pace, and I know even less who can do this on my schedule.  Julianne and I realized that her mobility scooter goes pretty fast and so we decided to give a try at having her pacing me, today was to be our first exploratory mission.

Julianne has been incredibly supportive of this whole journey, despite the fact that it means that she spends a lot of time stuck in a house with a surly IRONMAN-in-training, but to take time out of her day to go out in the sun (she hates the sun less than I do, but being out in the heat is not her favorite) to pace me while I run and walk along behind her is a new level of sacrifice.

We put my old Garmin on Scoot and got going. Annoyingly, the Garmins were often up to two minutes different so we have to pace by the one that’s slower to make sure that I’m doing the speed I need.  This may well be something that we do again in the future.

Long Swim

This swim was intense. It was long and included basically everything but the kitchen sink – drills, drills with toys, sprints, and it ended with nine long sets of mixed speed laps (cruise, go hard, all out, easy etc.)  I was struggling with boredom and by the time I got to the long sets I couldn’t imagine how I was going to get through it.  So I decided to do songs from a different movie soundtrack or musical for each set:  Hamilton, Phantom, Lion King, Mulan, Les Mis, Moana, Dr. Horrible, Once More with Feeling (Buffy), and Mamma Mia got me through.


Bike Ride

Ever since we decided to postpone for a year I haven’t been doing much biking.  Getting back in the saddle has been a bit rough in a lot of ways.  The good news is that I didn’t wreck the bike.  The rest will be the subject of this week’s vlog!


Another day, another session of squats in the living room.

1/27/16 – Day Off!


Long Run

Went running on the beach path during the day for the first time in forever. I forgot how much nonsense goes on (and as someone who both bikes and runs on that path I have my frustrations with both groups.) Shared public space always require some sacrifices and I’m totally down with that. First day on roller skates or a skateboard? Struggling with that rented bike? Dog is freaking at all the people he thinks are running directly AT him? No problem, I’ll go around. Confusedly wandering around in the weird area where the bike and pedestrian paths cross?  No problem – that shit is confusing, take your time and work it out.

But, if you’re biking in the pedestrian path because you want to bike side by side with two other people, or you’ve wandered over because you’re texting while riding your bike and not paying attention. If you you and your favorite 2-5 friends want to walk side by side and take up the entire path, trying to force me into the sand. If you are skateboarding at me with great technical precision while going the wrong direction on the pedestrian path and yelling “move fatty!”? I will run smooth into you without flinching. So far, I’ve won every game of chicken.

This run went ok, it’s the longest run I’ve attempted since I sprained my ankle and subsequently got new shoes.  Ankle hurt a bit but didn’t swell up so counting that as a win. Not sure about the shoes.  These seem a tiny bit too small (my toes feel a little squished and I think that had I done another few miles I would have ended up with blisters) and the 1/2 size larger seemed a bit too large when I tried them on. I think I need a 1/4 size.  (I acknowledge that I’m in a better position than my big-footed friends who often can’t get even 1/2 sizes above a size 10.) I may try the half size larger.

This week’s Selfies:



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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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2 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 8

  1. Denny says:

    Really nice job Ragen! Glad you figured out the issue with your franks. I recently upgraded to ceramic bearings and it made a world of difference (I would bet your cycling shop has a demonstrator to show how much smoother they are if you want to see in person. It’s one of those small changes that makes a world of difference. I don’t exert as much effort to go considerably farther which means my energy is saved for the run.


  2. lsstrout says:

    Hooray for healing ankles! I’m glad Julianne is willing to help by pacing you. I hope neither of you get sunburned!


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