Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 12

monday-recap-300Does it still count as the Monday update if it’s Tuesday but I haven’t slept yet?  Here are last week’s workout details and selfies!


Short Run

Remember last week when I was super excited that I had been faster than the goal times (because I figured the goal was to go that fast or faster)?  Apparently that’s not the point.  The point is to hit the times dead on.  Oops. My bad.  That turned out to be harder than it sounded.  This has to be a form of torture.  Running and trying not to fall on my face while constantly checking a watch which bounces around in a way that seems to have very little to do with speed I’m going. At one point the watch jumped 30 minutes per mile, then jumped back down 28 minutes per mile over 6 strides.  I may have to pick a new running path because on this one it will be far too easy to chuck the watch into the ocean.  That particular visual sustained me through this run.  At the end of the day I did a pretty good job of hitting the goals, and I felt good.


Bike – Intervals

These went great.  Same cadence as last week but two gears harder, I’m maxing out my gears at this point.


Short Run

This one was rough.  First of all, I made the mistake of thinking the weather would be like it was on Monday.  Instead, it was a little more than 10 degrees colder, and the wind was 12mph more blow-y. I was wearing a sports bra, light tank top, and running tights. I was frickin’ freezing.  The warm-up went ok but as soon as I started the first run interval my right calf started cramping.  And it never stopped which made this run seem super long. My actual time was even a little faster than Monday, but that’s not counting the time that I had to stop and stretch (which was also the time when I plunged to what felt like a near hypothermic state – it was only around 50 degrees but to an LA-by-way-of-Austin girl that’s roughly forty below zero.)  Still, I finished it and it didn’t get to me like it has in the past.  I’m currently at a place where I can just be like “this run isn’t going well, but that’s ok and I’m going to get through it.” So cheers to that!



In my regular life and work I am comfortable with tons of uncertainty and change.  But in small things I am a creature of habit to a nearly ridiculous degree.  When it comes to workouts, one of those things it my favorite locker.  I have a locker that I like, and since I typically work out in the middle of the night, I’ve never had any trouble getting my locker. Today, for the second time in a row, someone’s blue lock was on my locker.  Grrrrrr.

Long intervals on the spin bike (longer than last week.)   I’m not as proud of this workout as I wish I was. When I was on the bike I felt like I was working as hard as I could, but looking back I think I could have worked harder.

Swim – Speedwork

For the second week in a row I got nauseated during this swim.  I’m starting to wonder if it’s a combination of doing the spin bike and then swimming, or if it’s just a coincidence. I got through it – a little bit slow but completed nonetheless. Luckily I’ll never be in a situation where I have to bike and then swim unless I do a reverse triathlon which I don’t see happening.


Day off!!


Long Run

It was cold again, but this time I was more prepared.  The first half of this was rough – the cramping started right away again and it took several miles for it to let up.  In good news, as in my last couple of runs my attitude is way better.  I’m able to deal with the fact that things suck but I’m also sure that it will get better and that I’ll get through the run.

Dealing with the cramping on the long runs is a little bit more difficult because I’m never sure if it’s best to take lots of stretching breaks early in the hopes that things will loosen up and I’ll be able to run through more of it straight through and faster, or if I should push through the cramping which makes me slower and prolongs the time that I deal with the cramping thus slowing me down overall.

Neither is ideal since I’m either practicing taking lots of breaks which isn’t practical in the actual event, or I’m using a messed up gait which isn’t the best.  Today I chose to take more breaks early and then when I got sick of that I just started pushing through and making deals with myself to wait longer and longer to stop and stretch.  Finally, about halfway through things loosened up and I started my run/walk intervals using the new, longer run intervals.  That went well. Then, with just two miles left, it started raining.  Not too hard, but big fat drops of cold rain. I was ready to be done and luckily this is a distance-based (and not time-based) run so I can get to the end sooner by moving faster.  I started running faster and I cut my walk intervals in half.  It was really hard – especially doing it at the end of the long run –  but I finished out the run and felt good about my progress.


Bike recovery ride

An hour on the trainer.  Hella boring but after getting in trouble for adding in intervals last week I stuck to the “don’t make stuff up” directive, hit my rpm targets and got it done.

This week’s Selfies:

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6 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 12

  1. Denny says:

    You check with your gym sometimes they assign lockers who workout often enough!


  2. Dan Smith says:

    For the biking do you know where you can buy larger size for men’s bike shorts with padding. Do you find you get butt soreness more on the spin or on the road because I CANNOT stand stationary bikes because it gets so sore in much shorter time.

    Well done on recovering with the run.


    • Thanks Dan. The men’s padding is different and doesn’t really work for me. I actually have women’s padded shorts from Garneau (sadly they stopped making my size but I have the ones I bought before that) as well as from aerotech. I definitely get sore on the trainer and spin bike much faster than I do on the road.


  3. lsstrout says:

    I confess, I’ve been taking your locker. 😉

    Does the cold make the cramping worse? Could you do wraps or something to keep your muscles warm.

    Good job not chucking your watch into the ocean!


  4. Jessa says:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve really been enjoying the video component of the blog that you’ve added. It’s a lot of fun to actually hear the stories, and (hopefully this doesn’t sound totally weird), you’ve got a really lovely speaking voice and camera presence. I’m signed up for a sprint tri again this summer and it is so much fun to read other training blogs….though obviously you’ve got a ton more distance to cover! Keep on keeping on, and I can’t wait to hear about your big swim. I’ve never heard of a 10k swim before, such a cool event!!


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