Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 18

monday-recap-3004/10/17 Speed Run

This is a new workout.  Medium length intervals as fast as I possibly can with slow walking in between.  This week I had absolutely no cramping during this workout which meant that I was the fastest I have ever been – even at 1/3 of this interval time.  It was glorious.

4/11/17 Bike – Short Mixed Intervals

This workout has changed as well.  Now there are more intervals, and some longer intervals.  All of which are too be done at absolutely maximum effort.  I pushed really hard – like, kick my ass, big puddle of sweat on my floor, wven my little asshole dog looked worried about me hard.

4/12/17 Mid-Distance Run

This is the same as it’s been – the same intervals that I do on my long run, just done slightly faster.  Didn’t feel great (I had a filling done last week and I’m about to go back for a third time to try to figure out why it hurts all the time.)  Still, I met most of my time goals (a couple of the walk intervals were a little slow one of which may or may not have been because I stopped to pet the cutest, biggest pitbull I’ve ever seen. (Sorry Steve!)

4/13/17 Bike – Long Intervals

The long intervals are two minutes longer every week so they have become significant (the rest time, however, has stayed the same.)  I pushed myself as hard as I could and after one of the long intervals I had to jump off the bike to keep my little dog from killing himself (he had pushed his stairs away from the couch and now wanted up on the couch and so, right at the end of the interval, decided to put his head super close to my pedal and then yell at me.) As I jumped down my legs were legitimately wobbly.

4/14/17 Day Off

4/15/17 Long Run

I’ve been breaking in some new shoes.  They are the same that I was wearing before (Saucony Echelon 5) but a half size bigger to try to stop the situation that has left my right little toe as more blister than toe.  This was their first long outing.  Unfortunately not only didn’t they fix the toe blistering issue, but my feet were slipping around in them.  It wasn’t noticeable on the shorter runs but as this run went along it became really uncomfortable.  A rough run but another in the bank.

4/16/17 Recovery Bike

Uneventful recovery ride!

This week’s selfies:




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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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4 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 18

  1. Denny says:

    Great job Ragen.


  2. lsstrout says:

    Hooray for a run without cramping! Hooray for cute pitbulls!


  3. You may have tried this already, but it may be helpful to pad the toes of your running shoes with lambswool. It will cushion the impact of your toes hitting the inside of the shoe and causing blisters, and fill the empty space so your feet don’t slip around. Maybe worth a shot. Good luck!


  4. My mountaineering friend suggests wearing a pair of very thin silk socks inside the normal socks. That way the friction works between the two socks instead of sock and skin.


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