Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 19

monday-recap-300Not so much Monday, but a Recap nonetheless:

4/17/17 – Bike, short intervals

Cut short when I broke my bike seat.  The full story will the subject of my next video blog.

4/18/17 – Run – sprints


The sprints when well, I exceeding all of my time goals. I realized after I parked at the beach that I had forgotten  my headphones and I didn’t want to go back so I decided just to practice being really bored.  The intervals definitely felt like they lasted longer. Also, maybe it was just because I had watched Criminal Minds right before heading out, but I was very keenly aware that I was alone on a dark and pretty desolate stretch of beach.

4/19/17 – Bike – Long Intervals

Bike is still not fixed so I did this on the dreaded spin bike. So. Uncomfortable.  The workout went by pretty fast but by the end my entire ass was numb. I miss Phyxius.

4/20/17 – Mid-distance run

This was one of those runs where how hard I was working didn’t seem in any way connected to the speed I was going.  I was close to my targets but I didn’t hit them all which I hate. In perspective I’m upset about a run that happened at a speed that I couldn’t even approach last year so it wasn’t the worst run ever for anything, just not what I hoped for.


4/21/17 Day Off

4/22/17 – Long Run Day – Double Run

This was the biggest mind fuck so far in this journey.  My coach decided to split the long run so that we can get more mileage in with less risk of injury.  So I had a long run, followed by 5 hours rest, then mid distance run. Thinking about it all day did not put me in a good mental space – I like the sense of calm and accomplishment that washes over me when I finish my long run every week and I know that, in that moment, it’s the longest possible time until my next long run. The idea of fighting through a long run just to do another run in a few hours was not a pleasing one, but I’ll do what it takes to get the speed and endurance I need, so bring it on.

The first run went absolutely terribly.  I was having trouble meeting my speed goals despite putting in the same effort I usually do.  (The only thing different was that my new shoes are a size larger and my feet were slipping around in them, but I’m not sure that would cause this kind of issue?) I got so frustrated that at one point I put my head in my hands and yelled “what the fuck is happening” and then realized that someone was coming up the gangway from his boat staring at me so I yelled “Have a great night, sir!” in what I hoped was a reassuring voice.

I also forgot what it’s like running during the busy time at the beach.  So much pot smoke. I have no problem with people smoking pot, but I’m not interested in smoking it, in no small part because the smoke makes me nauseated. So every time I ran through a cloud of it I would feel more sick. Having to weave around people – progressively more intoxicated as the night wore on– as well as kids hopped up on sugar and vacation and sometimes riding bikes or scooters with wild abandon added additional challenges. They have every right to be there, of course, but that didn’t make it easier. I am also still  dealing with calf cramping which is really becoming a morale killer. I finally sat down on a bench to try to stop the cramping and I called Julianne for a quick pep talk.  All the difficulty was made worse by realizing every few minutes that I not only had to get through this run, but I had to come back and do another run in a few hours.

As I was pushing myself through this run a couple of times I passed a group of 4 or 5 people running and one of the dudes gave me a high five both times – not in a condescending way, but in a “We are also running in the middle of the night” kind of way. I cheered for them and they cheered back and it definitely lifted my spirits.

I finally got to the end. I went home, changed clothes, noted with sadness that my right little toe was really blistered again and that my left achilles was hurting. I stretched, made myself some food, did some work, contemplated excuses that I could give Steve for not doing the second run, and started to get ready again – taping my feet, etc.

I got out of the car really hurting – the first 10 minutes were incredibly slow as I was limping.  The pain worked itself out and the run wasn’t too bad. I got to see the sunrise, which was lovely, and it was cool outside and the run went by pleasantly.  My blisters and achilles hurt, but my legs felt surprisingly fresh.  I felt like I could have done more miles which I foolishly added to my notes for my coach.  I also told my coach that it felt like Groundhog Day but instead of a light-hearted comedy, everything hurts and I’m dying.

4/23/17 – Swim

This was a really tough swim. For some reason I just couldn’t catch my breath. It was speed work and I was having to take extra rests but I got it done and met my time goals.


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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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2 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 19

  1. Bernie says:

    You are so beautiful! – I love reading about your journey and the last swimmy swimmy selfie makes my heart swell


  2. lsstrout says:

    Hope you get the bike seat fixed soon! Also, hooray for high-fives!


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