Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 20

monday-recap-300Lots going on here but most of it is resolving.  I’ve been fixing up my house to sell and it closed this week which was super stressful. The most difficult thing in terms of training is that a couple weeks ago I got a filling for a cavity (my first filling, actually!) After I regained feeling in my face I was having intense throbbing pain pretty much all the time for days.  Went back to the dentist, they said that it was a deep filling and it was possible that the nerve was dying but they wanted to give it time.

As a consequence I’m taking a shocking amount of Ibuprofen and still in pain a lot of the time and it looks like I’m on a one-way ride to Rootcanalville.  The good news is that being in this kind of pain for this amount of time makes a root canal seem like no big deal at all.

I’m also still dealing with cramping in my right calf, we can’t figure out how to fix it and it’s becoming a bit demoralizing – if I’m going to finish this IM under the cut-offs I don’t not have time to stop and stretch every few minutes, or to run and walk more slowly than I’m capable of.  We are currently trying magnesium supplementation and sleeping in boot things that force my feet to be flexed in addition to all the stretching, foam rolling, PT, massage, and compression sleeves Cross your fingers for me that this works:

This week’s workouts:

4/24/17 – Long Swim

Couldn’t get my tooth to stop hurting and every time I breathed or got some cold water in my mouth I would have super intense pain. I did not finish the workout.

4/25/17 – Run – Sprints

I always run these in the exact same place so that I can have an apples to apples comparison of progress.  Today there was a decent headwind and so I ran my sprints directly into it.  Despite the cramping I exceeded all my time goals and felt good about this run.

4/26/17 – Bike – Long Intervals

It is surprisingly difficult to get a bolt for my bike seat – the manufacturer still hasn’t shipped it to my bike shop, so we finally found one on Amazon.  It arrived today, so I’ll get it fixed tomorrow. For now I’m on the dreaded ass-numbing machines that are the spin bikes at my gym. Workout completed!

4/27/17 – Mid-Distance Run

Because of various scheduling issues I had to do this in the morning instead of at night. There are several downsides of daytime.  First, it’s hot. Heat is not my friend when it comes to speed on the run (it doesn’t seem to affect my bike speed very much but it definitely affects my run speed, and my basic will to keep moving forward at all.)

Second, because I live in Southern California it’s almost guaranteed to be sunny, and I’m a Buffy-catch-fire-in-the-sun vampire, not a Twilight-sparkle-like-diamonds-in-the-sun vampire. Also, during the day there are lots of adorable dogs that would otherwise be pet-able, but not during a run since spending 10 minutes every mile petting adorable dogs would be, while delightful, a sure way to end up with Steve yelling at me.

Finally, during the day there are people out. People who, despite my wearing a hat, huge sunglasses, and big ass headphones, think it’s a good idea to talk to me, often in ways that assume that I am trying to lose weight.  This is annoying on its face, but what makes it worse is that, for the same reason I can’t stop to pet cute dogs, I also can’t stop to educate these people (and you can’t see my well-practiced, practically patented “WTF face” very well behind the glasses) so I just yell something like “Who’s trying to lose weight?” or “My body is perfect” and keep going.

I definitely struggled with the heat in this run.  At least one good thing about being super slow is that the majority of my IM marathon will take place at night when it’s significantly cooler!

4/28/17 – Day Off!!!
4/29/17 – Double Long Run Day
This day has a shorter long run and a longer long run. Last week we did the longer one first, today he wanted to try to do the shorter one first. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of these double runs – they are incredibly tough mentally and they seriously take up the whole day (or two days if you count the time I spend stressing about it on my day off.) But if they’ll help me finish the IM I’ll do them without (much) complaint.
Run 1: Again because of scheduling issues I ended up doing the first run at literally the hottest time of day.  A friend of mine who is a Bikram Yoga (ie: “hot yoga”) enthusiast once told me that the mistake students make in their first class is that they focus on doing really good yoga when what they should focus on is just trying to survive the heat and humidity. As I ran, realizing that I was doing exactly what every weather man/woman tells people not to do during the hot months, I adopted my friend’s first day of Bikram approach to this run and survived it. Not my fastest but not as slow as it could have been. I’m also changing my answer for “What one superpower do you wish you had” from flying to heat tolerance.
Run 2:  Captain Obvious says – Sunburn hurts.  Not sure what went wrong with my sunscreen during the first run, but it went wrong.  It was definitely better running in the cool sunless night air, but the afternoon run took more out of me than I thought it would and I was dead ass tired from the beginning.  At least it was dark and, after the first couple hours of dodging partying people it was my empty beach again.
4/30/17 Drag Queens and Spin Bikes
For Julianne’s birthday one of her clients got us passes to Drag Con and today was the day.  I was sore from the run so hours on concrete wasn’t that appealing, but the idea of Drag Con was (I’ve loved drag culture since college, we named our dog after our favorite three drag queens.) I got to meet my favorite drag queen – Latrisse Royale – and it was all worth it!
The spin bike workout was just a straight recovery ride, sadly no drag queens were involved.
Here are this week’s Selfies:

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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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9 Responses to Road to Arizona 2017 – Monday Recap 20

  1. rabbiadar says:

    Your grit inspires me! And Latrisse Royale – wooooooooo!


  2. lsstrout says:

    Suck about your tooth and sunburn! Hooray for nighttime runs and drag con!


  3. Fina Arvanthol says:

    OMG, you got to meet Latrice Royale!!! *fangurrrl squeee***


  4. Denny says:

    Are you moving out of Southern California?


  5. Ziggy Blum says:

    The comment about magnesium prompts me to mention that I found topical “magnesium oil” extremely helpful when I was having really horrible muscle cramps as a side effect to an asthma med–like both hamstrings cramping solid, with accompanying pain that make me feel faint and queasy, or my sartorius muscle seizing and feeling like it was going to rip in two.

    Now, these were cramps that typically came on when I wasn’t exercising. I work in a health food store and am pretty skeptical about a lot of stuff like this, and I am sort of diffident about making any suggestions to someone who knows a lot more about serious athleticism than I do, so please take this in the spirit in which it is offered–sorry if it’s tedious, but just in case. 🙂


  6. Denny says:

    Really great job Ragen.


  7. Denny says:

    I am not sure but it does not seem like you have updated in a while, I hope everything is ok.


  8. Cicci says:

    How are you doing, Ragen?
    Hope you are well!


  9. Denny says:

    Hi Ragen, my granddaughter Janelle is becoming interested in video making so she helped me make this inspirational video to help you to IRONMAN. She used your selfies from this webpage and her favorite song. I’m so amazed at what she can do at such a young age. I hope you like it. Like if says, you inspire us!


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