Day Two of Boot-er-cize

Miss RunningSince my air cast broke yesterday I had to go back to the doctor today to get a new one. Because this is LA it took 3.5 hours to make a trip that should be one hour – and that was considered “making good time” in Friday traffic.  I had to shell out $40 because my insurance only pays for half of the second one. (To be fair, I read the manual cover-to-cover and it doesn’t say anywhere that you shouldn’t hold your casted leg in turned out arabesque while you use your other leg to crawl over things to reach other things, so I don’t know how I could have known…) This has nothing to do with my workouts, I’m just whining.

Cardio – I tried another seated cardio workout. Definitely harder work than the one yesterday but still not up to my normal workouts. As an added bonus our dog Bu just sat and stared at me today, looking as if he thought that I had obviously taking leave of my senses and concerned that I might not be available to provide for all of his needs. On the other hand, he seems happy that I’m not using my bike on the trainer, because it scares the ever loving crap out of him.

400 crunches – I wasn’t sore today from the 200 yesterday so I doubled it for today, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

200 wall push ups – same deal as the crunches, not sore from 100, try 200.

Y’all, I actually miss running.  That said, I’m not sure if it’s because somewhere inside (very, very, very deep inside) I’ve developed a love of running, or just because of my sheer panic that the IM is 5.5 months away and it’s going to involve a ton of running.

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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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4 Responses to Day Two of Boot-er-cize

  1. lsstrout says:

    Why on earth does the bike trainer scare Bu? Is it loud? Or does he distrust bikes generally?


    • He had a really rough start to life. Before Julianne adopted him he lived with a family who, among other things, pour or spilled something caustic on him and let it go for a couple days until ultimately taking him to the vet and telling him to put him down. The vet couldn’t stand to do it and knew Julianne from her rescue work so called her and she adopted him and nursed him through 6 months of hell. Which is all to say that Bu is scared of a LOT of stuff – paper bags, boxes, and the sound of the bike trainer among them. He also hates it when I wheel the bike through the house so it may not be the trainer!


  2. Denny says:

    400 crunches!!! I’m amazed as always Ragen. I would have my kids do crunches in because even with the scoring pads, kicked stomach in tournament was the most common target (Olympic and world championships are won on stomach kicks only sometimes) and they would knock the wind out even with the pads on. But we would only do 25 or 50 for my older kids


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