Swimming On Dry Land?

Dry Land Swimming

My next sport?

As of tomorrow I’ll be ready to go in the water with my new waterproof cast cover, so today I decided to focus on swim technique as a refresher. It seems like I’ve been out of the water for a year.


I am having the hardest time sleeping right now.  I have a smaller boot thing that I sleep in – there’s way less hard plastic and the foot is held immobile through thick stretchy bands. It seems that it wakes me up roughly once an hour or so at night so I’m getting crap sleep. I have issues with sleep and insomnia anyway so this isn’t helping.  Felt like crap all day today but still got some working out in.

Dry land drills – I went through a bunch of videos of dry land drills for Total Immersion Swimming. I modified them to be able to do them seated and, in some cases with resistance bands to make a bit more workout of it.

300 crunches

100 one-legged wall push-ups

I’m looking forward to getting back in into the water to have some variety and to actually be doing one of the three disciplines that I need for the IM. This first week of boot-i-ness is almost over, after that one more week to go. Can’t go fast enough.

In exciting news, today I got to be interviewed for the awesome podcast Dietitians Unplugged! I’ll let you know when my episode comes out, but for now I recommend listening to the other episodes that Glenys and Aaron have because they’re awesome.

Sadly, I don’t think that this is what my doctor meant when he said that I could do dry land drills for swimming, but maybe it’s my next sport?

About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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One Response to Swimming On Dry Land?

  1. Denny says:

    Hope it all works out Ragen! If anyone can do it its you!


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