A Good Sweat and Tired Arms

First of all, I finally got the stickers for my air cast. I figure as long as people are looking at it I might as well use the opportunity to spread body positivity and give myself a little encouragement as well.

My coach is back to programming my workouts – today was a Krankcycle workout with heart rate goals. Happily, I’ve now watched the instructional videos so this time was all workout, and no trying to figure out how the thing works by just pulling all the levers and seeing what happens. It’s still a learning curve to figure out the proper resistance to raise my heart rate to where I want it without blowing out my arm muscles too soon but I’m feeling comfortable.

Upper body strength has not been a huge part of this journey until now and having enough arm strength to push the weighted flywheel for 45 minutes in order to raise my heartrate to where it normally would be while I’m running is a challenge.  So I rotated between positions on the bike every five minutes – both arms away from me, both arms toward me, alternating away from me, alternating toward me, lather, rinse, repeat. I was able to get my heart rate up and get a good sweat going. I do wonder if giving the thing a comfortable padded seat would have killed them? My bike saddle is way more comfortable.

After my workout I decided to walk around the gym. I realized I’ve been coming to this location of my gym for months and I’ve never gone anywhere but the locker room and the pool (which you get to through the locker room) so I decided to see if there is anything else there that might work for me in terms of workouts.  It turns out my gym has some pretty cool things – including a “curve” treadmill and a machine that lets you work lateral movement. Neither of those help me and Bootzilla (yes, I named the boot.) I found the rowing machines but they are super low to the ground so they don’t seem to have room for the boot, and they have a tiny plastic seat that looks even less comfortable than the Krank seat and not as sturdy as I would like. I did find what I think might be fun – a seated rope climbing machine!  I’ll let Steve know about it and see if he wants to toss it into the rotation.

Today’s workouts:

45 minute Krankcycle

500 sit ups

Today’s pictures:

About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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6 Responses to A Good Sweat and Tired Arms

  1. lsstrout says:

    Awesome stickers! I look forward to finding out about the rope climber.


  2. The stickers are amazing!
    I’ve never used the krankcycle, but I have used the seated rope pull – that thing will definitely raise your heart rate quickly!

    My first tri is next week and I 1) haven’t taken my bike in for a tune-up yet; and 2) haven’t had one OWS session yet because the weather has been ridiculous and the rain hasn’t let up, so our lakes are too cold and too bacteria-ridden with the rain runoff to swim in. I don’t need more anxiety!!!!


    • As a former dancer I always want to say “break a leg,” but I’ve found that makes triathletes uncomfortable, so I’ll say good luck instead! I can’t wait to read the race report. I have complete faith that you’ll rock it!


  3. Casey says:

    The seated rope climb is awesome (and you can also do things like stand and prop one knee on it or other configurations). It’s really intense!!


  4. Denny says:

    My former boss at the tar Kwon do school credited a rope machine like that one with giving him the arm strength to climb El Capitan at Yosemite.


  5. cbecker53 says:

    Love the stickers!!


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