A Solid Swim

Today was a swim divided up into three sections with short breaks in between.  I was able to kick a bit more without my foot hurting (yay!) The inability to turn properly is still frustrating (I find if I don’t slow way down on the turn muscle memory takes over and I push off with both feet which, when it happened, was excruciating.)  I’m also getting over a cold (though let’s not  tell Coach Steve, I promised him I wouldn’t catch Julianne’s cold!) so I had to take some breaks to cough while doing my rescue stroke. Also, apparently it’s time for new goggles because the left one kept filling with water but I didn’t want to lose time so I just swam with them that way and emptied them during the short breaks.

Overall it was a solid swim and, like with my last trainer ride, I felt like I was actually training again.  I swam steady speed across all three sections, and it went by really fast. All told did 1.27 miles in an hour.  That’s certainly not as fast as I was covering that distance before, nor is it how fast I want to cover it for the IM (although it would be good enough – if my math -and online pace calculator- are right, this pace would see me finish the swim in about an hour and 53 minutes which would leave 27 extra minutes – some of which will be taken up by the ridiculousness of a triathlon swim as well as errors in sighting that would cause me to swim a more than the prescribed distance.) But my goal isn’t just to do the swim in under the time limit, it’s to do the swim as fast as possible so that I can buy myself extra time for the run.

In really good news, I finished feeling like I could have gone on swimming forever, so I’m feeling great about today. Oh, and I keep forgetting to include my crunches but I’m still at 500 a day, still working on 500 in a row.

Current Mood (particularly the line starting at 1:03 – includes lyric NSFW unless your W is super cool.)


Today’s Workout Selfie:

6.24.17 Swim

What’s next…

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Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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2 Responses to A Solid Swim

  1. lsstrout says:

    Woo-hoo for making time! You will kick this Ironman’s ass!


  2. I looooove those days when I feel like I can keep swimming. Our weather has been ridiculous lately; if it’s not raining heavily, then it’s unseasonably cold and the lake just hasn’t warmed up to a point where an open water swim is doable (for me — some folks have been out in 47-50F temps and that’s a whole-body-ice-cream-headache in my books, so I need it to go past 60F).

    This past weekend I trekked out to the Pan Am Sports Centre to get my lane swimming in while my usual 50m pool is undergoing seasonal maintenance. I got the entire lane of the 25m training pool all to myself for the whole hour and it was absolute bliss!!


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