Frickin’ Shark Week

Rehab of the ankle has been ongoing.  We’ve now moved from just passive PT (ultrasound, tissue manipulation, electro-stim, etc.) to doing PT exercises so I continue to make good progress on exactly the timeline they told me to expect (though I haven’t felt like it was progress worthy of blog updates – did PT, swam a little, iced the crap out of my ankle… lather, rinse, repeat.)

But today seems perhaps worth an update. With Discovery’s Shark Week upon us, my Facebook feed has been full of videos of sharks, real and movie magic-ed. And even though I know better, I watched every. freaking. one.  I knew it would come back to haunt me during my next open water swim (I think it’s possible that I look a little bit more like an injured seal than some other swimmers out there, and I think that sharks develop a taste for neoprene, but that’s a topic for another blog.) It definitely haunted me today at the pool. That’s right gentle readers, I fear pool sharks. Before you laugh too hard, know that I’m not the only one – these are all memes that my friends have sent to me to encourage my pool shark fear:

Today I was swimming laps in the pool, relatively untroubled by thoughts of pool sharks, when, just as I came close to the wall and got ready to execute the turn I was suddenly being bombarded with super cold water and then something was TOUCHING ME! POOL SHARK!  POOL SHARK! DEFINITELY A POOL SHARK!

It was not a pool shark (this time…) it was the hose that the woman who was cleaning the pool area was using.  I didn’t want to mess up my time so I just dealt with it (now that I knew it wasn’t a pool shark) and it added a delightful sense of hypothermia to the end of the next few laps.

Another day, another swim, another chance of a deadly pool shark encounter. And my triathlon journey continues…

Today’s Selfie

7.26.17 Swim



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6 Responses to Frickin’ Shark Week

  1. Teresa says:

    Omigosh. Pool shark phobia is SO REAL! I *still* chant my gramma’s words when I freak out in the water: “chlorine water kills fish”. Even though I KNOW I’m being irrational… But SO many strikes of panic are…. Anyways. I just stayed in a hotel last week that boasted a “salt water pool”. The ghost of my gramma facepalmed.


  2. Pool sharks aren’t real but there are those people that inexplicably swim along the bottom of the pool because they apparently never need to breathe.


  3. Ziggy Blum says:

    Not reassuring, but I did very recently have a rat come up in my toilet *while I was using it.* It is NOT an urban legend.

    All I’m saying is, if potty monsters are reall, who’s to say pool sharks aren’t?!


  4. Denny says:

    I don’t mean to scare you even more that triathlete who was training off the coast at Solana Beach was killed by the shark in 2010 I believe, the poot gentleman was a veterinarian and a fixture at many of the races I did early in my triathlon career in Southern California. It’s not something to take Lightly for sure.


  5. Rebecca M says:

    The picture of the shark jumping out of the kiddie pool on the lawn had me laughing! Thank you for that!


  6. lsstrout says:

    Does this encourage you to swim faster? Or just flail around hopelessly?


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