Noswimatall Syndrome

Noswimatall SyndromeAlright, three workouts to catch up on – the first is bike on the trainer.  It went fine and it looks like I might get to go ride outside on Sunday so I’m pretty excited about that.

Next was strength training which went great.  I wore my Marilyn Wann Fat!So? shirt and some guy came by, stopped in front of me and made a big show of rolling his eyes and sighing.  So I rolled my eyes back and gave him the move along signal with my hands, and he did.

I hit the locker room to change and was overcome by sudden onset Nowimatall Syndrome – which is the intense desire not to do the swim I was supposed to do. (It turns out that one of the symptoms is sitting in an empty locker room and updating Facebook.) But I overcame it and got my ass in the water.  It was a ladder swim (each interval 25 meters shorter than the one before, with the last interval being 25 meters) with two intervals more than last time.

It actually went by pretty fast except for the laps where the woman who cleans our gym decided to take the hose across the pool. Her job is hard and I certainly want her to do whatever it takes to make it easier so I’m not mad at her at all, but one of the things I’m working on with my technique is keeping my head down looking at the bottom instead of looking ahead of me, which meant that I often didn’t see the hose until we were intertwined which did not help my time.

I suspect that the second half of this week is going to be tough, I’m going out of town and skipping workouts will likely be tempting so I’m trying to get fired about about completing all my workouts.



About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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2 Responses to Noswimatall Syndrome

  1. Holly says:

    Ragen 1, hose 0!


  2. lsstrout says:

    Go Ragen go! Go Ragen go! You can do it! Woo-hoo!


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