Back In the Swing of Things…ish

IRONMAN or BustWhen last we spoke I was in Vegas, basking in the glow of being engaged, taking a little time off my structured workout plan, and thinking about returning home and focusing on my training. I’ve also been thinking about this blog.

As much as I’ve struggled with my IM journey (and that’s a LOT!) I’ve struggled with blogging about it. My other blog is about intersectional fat activism which I find easy to write about. This blog about my training I find much more difficult, I think chiefly because I’m not sure how to blog in a way that isn’t boring as crap. I’ve tried a number of different strategies but none of them have really worked. So I think I’m going to write it without a real strategy this year – just a diary for me and anyone who is interested to follow along with my training (that may or may not be boring AF.)

So now that I’m back from vacation and getting into the swing of things, let me catch you up:


Before I left for Vegas I had a swim lesson during which it was pointed out to me that my kick technique had somehow morphed from graceful and helpful, to graceless and utterly counter-productive. Oops.Ā  I’ve been working on it and I’m feeling more like the correct kick is getting (re-) imprinted, and consequently feeling less like I used to be a mermaid and it’s my first day swimming with legs. Yay.


I was so excited to get out there and start biking, and then the whole world was on fire and it was raining ash, so the two bike rides I had scheduled for last week ended up being trainer rides. I hate trainer rides with the fiery passion of a thousand suns – they are super uncomfortable, and hella boring (nothing like working your ass off and not going anywhere.) I have another bike ride scheduled for Wednesday of this week and I’ll actually get to take Phyxius outside and go somewhere which I’m pretty jazzed about.

Run: (rotflmao because otherwise I’ll just cry)

While my achilles heel heals I am strictly doing slow treadmill walking and aqua jog so there’s no running happening. In fun news Julianne joined my gym so now she often comes and does her workout in the pool while I’m aquajogging – Before I was often in the pool by myself so it’s nice to have someone who can hear me sing “I’m Bored” to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad”


Delightfully sarcastic as always!Ā  Seriously, I’d been feeling pretty beat down by these years of total unsuccess at completing an IRONMAN, so I was having a hard time this year psyching myself back up. I spent some time watching the recap videos from the various IM races this year and I’m feeling the excitement and desire again. It is even more difficult than I imagined (and I imagined it was pretty damn difficult) but I can do this – I have an IRONMAN in me and this is going to be my year!



About danceswithfat

Hi, Iā€™m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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13 Responses to Back In the Swing of Things…ish

  1. gsantollo says:

    Do you have any intentions of doing a short tri this spring?

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    • Definitely. I’ve been focused on my training and didn’t put a priority on doing shorter events (which disrupt my schedule by taking up what are typically long training days etc.) But as I learned the hard way in the swim in San Diego this year,that was a mistake that I’ll be fixing this year.

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  2. nosnikrapzil says:

    I love these honest blog posts you write about your Iron Man training. Because you are honest when you find things hard, or don’t achieve something when you had expected to, I find it easier when I find things hard – if that makes sense, and I don’t feel as bad when I can’t do something. Because you are way fitter than I will ever be. Right now I have a problem with my hand, it is splinted awaiting surgery and I am not to use the gym in case it gets bashed. Cant dress myself so swimming is out, although I am hubby will come with me and help me as they have disabled changing rooms. But I know that you have had injuries and have had to rest and have got your fitness back afterwards, so I know that if I work I will get mine too. You are an amazing inspiring role model to me!

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  3. Martha Donnelly says:

    Emphatically not bored. Please keep writing.

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  4. Cool blog. I am never bored with it. I am signed up for IMAZ next year. I finally had my first official finish there this year – 7th attempt at Ironman was finally successful. I was in Lake Tahoe standing on the start line in my wet suit in 2014 5 minutes from start. I had just peed in my wet suit because I couldn’t hold my excellent hydration any longer. Then they cancelled the event on account of fire.

    Try Zwift indoor training on line. It is super fun for an indoor workout. You get to try to bike with other people, earn points for things like just showing up and doing some distance, bike around volcanos etc, yet can get off and go to the bathroom.

    Come to Los Alamos next year and train with me for a weekend.


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    • You’re the first person to make Zwift sound fun šŸ™‚ I may have to try it (which means I may need to finance more gear – argh!)

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      • Yup, unfortunately. My trainer broke a few months ago so I had to buy a new one. I got a smart one that talks with computers and syncs effort. Then $10 a month for Zwift. But it is so fun! Watopia (the place with volcanos) england, Richmond. I get kudos from these amazingly fast athletes that have no idea that I am fat… All they know is effort and presence there. It is all about the sport.


  5. tscateh says:

    Git ‘er done! Best wishes and here’s hoping fewer injuries and more inspiration.

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  6. You know I’m always excited about your racing endeavours and exhausted just reading about your training regimen šŸ™‚ If you ever need to replenish your IM excitement, just give me a holler and I’ll start getting giddy about following you on the live tracker on race day, which I did for a friend last summer and it felt like New Year’s Eve with the countdown to the finish line. Wooo!! šŸ™‚

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  7. lsstrout says:

    Write however you want. I like being able to see what you are doing and cheer you on. California is horribly on fire, I hope they get it out soon, and not just so you can go for a bike ride.


  8. standgale says:

    I live reading even your most boring work out posts. They’re generally pretty interesting, funny and inspiring, but it’s also useful to see how day to day training for something actually goes.


  9. entwerfen says:

    Delurking to say not bored. In fact, never bored. Always interested, always admiring, always mentally cheering you, myself, all of us.


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