Biking .25 Miles at Time

File this ride in the “things that only happen to me” category.

I’ve been struggling to find an appropriate bike trail in Vegas. I’ve tried a couple that were just too multi-use – full of people, kids, strollers, unleased dogs etc. Of course, all of these people have every right to be on these trails, it just means that I need to find a different one because I can’t do the kind of workout that I need to while dodging all of that.

So I tried a new trail this week that was recommended as a paved trail that was basically only bikes. It started at a busy road that runs perpendicular to the trail. I took off for the first 1/4 mile (all uphill btw) which went ok, but then…the trail just ended. It simply spilled out onto another busy road.

I have had SO MUCH trouble finding a bike trail that will work here in Vegas. (For those who are new to the blog, I don’t ride on roads with traffic. I decided that I was willing to risk a lot in this journey, including injury and very public failure, but not being hit by a car.) So when I saw that the “trail” I was on was only 1/4 mile long, in my head (though not in actuality because I had to save my energy for the ride) I became Josh and Toby after they learned about the timezone change:


I didn’t have enough daylight to find another trail, so I just rode back and forth on a quarter of a mile for what seemed like an eternity, but I got my bike ride done.

Here’s what I’ve done since last I blogged:

3/16: Bike, pushups
3/17: Run/walk, swim
3/18: Run/walk, pushups
3/19: Bike, squats
3/20: Run/walk, pushups, swim
3/21: Bike (trainer intervals), squats
3/22: Day off
3/23: Bike, pushups
3/24: Run/walk, swim, pilates
3/25: run/walk, pushups
3/26: Ride, squats
3/27: Run/walk, push-ups, swim
3/28: Bike (trainer intervals), squats
3/29: Day off
3/30: Bike, pushups
3/31: Run/walk, swim, pilates

I’m continuing to make progress, and I’m trying to focus on progress rather than being overwhelmed at the prospect of everything I have to get done. I’m proud of myself for still being out there, doing the workouts and marching toward my showdown with the IRONMAN in November.

What’s next…


About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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4 Responses to Biking .25 Miles at Time

  1. Faith says:

    So frustrating to be living somewhere with such poor bike infrastructure. If you guys decide to move again, I’ve heard Denmark is tops for biking safely! 😉


  2. Maggie says:

    Do you think the bike trail continued on the other side of the road? It just seems so weird to have a .25 mile bike trail!


  3. I looked in Strava for segments in the Las Vegas area. Found a century done in 2016 just outside of town. You should be able to break it up with out and backs to 25 milers.
    Ride on!


    • I just realized that I never replied to this. I’m so sorry. This is incredibly information and was super helpful – I had no idea that you could find races through Strava. Thank you SO MUCH!


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