I’m Biiiiiiking in the Rain…

First week of wake up work out is in the bag!


Day off. Spent it running errands and unpacking.


Long Run/Walk

I decided to do this around my house to get to know the neighborhood. I’m not sure what happened with my GPS watch but it was all over the place – saying that I was walking 8 minute miles (which I couldn’t do with a rocket strapped to my ass) then say I was running 40 minute miles (which is something I could probably accomplish, but didn’t jive with my actual current speed,) then it would just lose the satellites altogether for long stretches. Considering that this was a distance-based workout it was super frustrating, but I got it done.


Bike, Tempo Intervals

I woke up and desperately did not feel like doing this ride. I tried to talk myself into doing it later in the day, but then I talked myself into keeping my waking up and working out streak alive.

This is a workout that is done on the road, with long time-based intervals at tempo (medium hard effort) with rests in between. I took the same trail as last time but went the opposite direction because I was told that direction was flatter, which is desirable on this ride. It was a bit flatter, but it was also a bit shorter and my first interval was cut short when I, quite literally, ran out of trail. I turned around and finished off the interval.

My second interval was interrupted by a truck parked on the bike path with the driver’s side door open, blocking the entire path. For the briefest moment I wondered if I could stick out my arm and close the door, making space for myself as I rode by. Then I imagined the heap I could end up in so I just hopped off the bike.

My unfortunate wildlife encounters continued during the third interval when a squirrel ran in front of me. He was running left to right, so I went left to get around him. That would have worked perfectly had he not doubled-back and run right under my wheel. Luckily, he is faster than he is smart and so I only nipped the fur on the back of his tail. (He ran off, but when I came back through on the way home there was a squirrel standing on his back legs giving me a stern look, I’m betting it was him. I named him Fred.)

The rest of the ride passed without incident, though it did rain on and off which made the second half of the second loop (ridden into the wind) really cold, though I’m not complaining – I would rather be freezing cold than a little bit hot.

5.26.19 Ace

I decided I shouldn’t get all the post-workout selfie fun. Here’s Ace as the storm clouds gather. 

Monday – day off


Interval Trainer Ride

Wake Up Work Out Week 1 is complete and WUWOW2 has begun. There are many wonderful things about rides that occur on the trainer. The first is that no sunscreen is required, which is a lovely time saver. The second is that I don’t have to go anywhere. Both of these save tons of time. Then, of course, there’s the fact that I get to watch TV while I workout. I try to watch something that looks even more miserable than what I’m doing. Today I finished off last season of American Ninja Warrior. Besides struggling to meet some of my cadence goals (for the last 15 seconds in gear 6 at 100 rpms the metronome was less of a guide and more of a random beeping in the background,) this ride went great.


This was longer sprint intervals with short rests. I pushed as hard as I could and my final interval wasn’t just the fastest of the workout, it was my fastest ever. Feels like a win.


Run – Speed Work

This workout was a warm up, then 30 sets of equal run/walk intervals, then a cool down.

My legs started cramping during the warmup, it was hot without much of breeze and thus I could tell before the intervals started that it was going to be a rough run.

I found two geographic markers to mark the distance and started to knock out the intervals. Things were going fine, if a bit painfully. Then, on one of my walk intervals a snake decided to slither across the path. I’m reasonably certain that it wasn’t actually a 10 foot king cobra, but that’s what I remember.

FML – on my bike ride I saw cottontail bunnies, squirrels, and adorable lizards, and only for a second or two since I was going at a decent clip. But the snake waits until I’m traveling at half the speed of smell to show up? Fricking great.

As I was a little over 2/3 done I was tired, hurting, hot and ready to be done. A little voice told me that the remaining intervals were almost the exact distance home, so I could just do intervals on the way home and then skip the cooldown and be done. That is not a voice that will help me achieve my goals, so instead I went the opposite direction, taking me farther from home and assuring that my final run intervals would be uphill and against the light breeze. As I turned around to run uphill, the wind picked up. Perfect. Plus my the little stand I took against the voice in my head bought me bonus miles during my cool down. So fun all around. Another run in the training bank.

What’s next.

About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.
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4 Responses to I’m Biiiiiiking in the Rain…

  1. Amy says:

    HI! I love your blog/posts! I too have issues with wildlife whilst riding…snakes and alligators. 🙂 You have mentioned metronoming (my made up word) for your run and cycling. Is this an app? Do you use your watch? Is it your coach saying “do…do…do…do….do”? jk. I would like to know more as I am looking to improve all areas of triathloning and think this could really help. Thanks in advance!


    • OMG, may the visual of my coach running beside me saying “do..do..do..do” never, ever leave me.

      Ok, first of all if I see an alligator, I quit. Seriously. In terms of metronoming (a term I’ll be stealing from you) I sometimes use an app on my phone, but if it’s too hot outside (when my phone can overheat and stop working) I use a Finis tempo trainer that I originally got for swimming. I have found it to be invaluable – it’s easy for me to just feel happy that I’m moving forward, but in order to actually make progress I need to be hitting my cadence goals and having the metronome really helps. Let me know how it goes, and happy training 🙂


  2. Angelica Nelson says:

    ” a truck parked on the bike path with the driver’s side door open”

    A few choice ideas popped into my head about this, most of them dependent on whether some guy is standing with his fly unzipped, “watering” the plants nearby… Oops, was I taking a selfie with you in background? Oh well, I guess this trail isn’t that private. I promise to delete it later… snicker.

    Uh-oh the imp on my shoulder took over for a sec. Pay no attention.


    • Right. I have no idea what they were doing up there. Sometimes there are work crews on the trail but their trucks are usually marked and they are in uniform. These guys just seemed like two randos who parked their truck, left their driver’s side door open, and then walked away. They were apologetic, but I was just trying to get back to my ride so I didn’t take the time to ask just WT actual F they were doing.


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