The Everything Went Wrong Swim


Long Bike Ride

I tried a different trail that has access to bathrooms. These rides are getting long and squat-peeing by the side of a trail that is fully visible to people in several directions does not sound like fun to me. This ride was hard and it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, but it went!

Swim – Speed work

Semi-short intervals with very short rests in between. Still on the workout struggle bus for some reason today, still pushing through.


Run – equal run/walk intervals

This workout starts with track drills: High Knees, Speed Skip, Sky Skip,
Bounding, Broad Jumps, High Knee Carry Over, Carry Overs, Side Shuffles, Lunges, Backward Lunges, Sumo Squats, Walking Squat. Then speed work, these are sprint intervals. I use to landmarks to mark the distance, run as fast as I can from one to the other, walk back, repeat 30 times while people on the trail look at me funny.


Bike Trainer

Speed work, tons of intervals. Making sure that I’m keeping up with the interval times (I’m currently at 34:45, this interval is one minute, 45 seconds, figure out when it will end while also…) remember to hit the “lap” button on the watch at the right times so my coach doesn’t yell at me, shifting around to the correct gears, and making sure I hit my cadence goals keeps my mind busy (unlike long bike rides wherein I just end up singing the same song repeatedly in my head) so this always goes by really fast (plus I was watching American Ninja Warrior which always helps!)

The Everything Went Wrong Swim

Today went…awry. I woke up and did my bike workout, no problem. On days with two workouts I’m currently supposed to separate them by at least 6 hours. So we were going to head to Orange County to hang out with with a dear friend. I figured we’d be back by 7 or 8pm which would let me get to the pool by 9pm, then come home and finish a writing project that had a deadline of 8am Friday morning and go to bed at a reasonable time. Not quite how it happened:

11:03pm – we get home from our visit. (Totally worth it, we haven’t seen this friend in a long time and it was wonderful to catch up!) I was super tired and I knew that if I sat down I might talk myself out of the workout so I came in, got my shit together and headed right back out. ETA at the gym 11:42pm

11:42pm – hopelessly lost in construction and, like my mom used to say when we asked to get ice cream, GoogleMaps is essentially telling me “you can’t get there from here.”

12:05 – I find my way back home, wave at it as I go by to take a different route to the gym

12:33 – Finally arrive at the gym

12:39am – in the water to start my swim. It’s a relatively short swim, but mostly in zone 3/4 (translation: take this opportunity to kick your own ass) I don’t mind telling you, I pulled myself together, focused and killed it. Then I got in the hot tub to get my day off started. Met a super nice woman and her friend who had just gotten off their jobs cooking for a Thai restaurant. They are in their 50’s and neither ever learned to swim, so they are going to start swim lessons on Saturday, which I thought was pretty damn cool.

2:28am – arrive home

6:04am – file my writing project (Hey kids – stay in school and don’t procrastinate!) and go to bed proud of myself


Day off workouts. I’m still proud of myself for getting everything done yesterday, but this has screwed up my sleep schedule a bit so I’m going to have it walk it back to a more normal schedule. Besides which, it’s not really a day off since I use it to catch up laundry, do yard work, cook for the week and, currently, unpack. When it comes to unpacking I’m at what I would call “Mile 20” because it reminds me of mile 20 of a marathon – you’ve been at it FOREVER, it’s not fun any more, it seems like you’re almost done but you actually have a way to go!

What’s next…

About Ragen Chastain

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be Iron-distance triathlete, Activist, Fat Person.
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