I Miss Running At Night


Long Run/Walk

Down to the beach for another long run. It’s still weird to be there in the daylight when it’s super crowded, and I miss working out late at night. Not just because there’s no sun (though that’s not a small thing) but because I’ve run and biked hundreds of miles on that path where I was the only person around, and hundreds more where there were less than a handful of us. At night it feels like my beach, and it has my literal blood, sweat, and tears to prove it.

During the day the beach belongs to the people who are there to have fun – children on skateboard, rented bikes and scooters who are completely unpredictable. And adults on skateboards, rented bikes and scooters who are… completely unpredictable. Groups of friends who rented a 6-person surrey bicycle and are screaming “PLEASE GET OUT OF THE WAY, WE CAN’T STEER THIS THING BUT WE’RE TRYING TO MAKE MAGICAL MEMORIES!” (true story from today.)

Watching people have fun can be a bit rough since I am decidedly not having fun. I can find myself feeling a little bitter as someone in a sundress and flip flops breezes by on a beach cruiser with an enviably comfortable seat. Plus people leave those rentable scooters everywhere (PSA: don’t do that.) which means that I’m constantly reminded that I could be out of my misery and back to my car with just a flick of my phone.

So I reminded myself that this is what I WANT to be doing (or, at the very least it’s what I signed up for.) Then I dodged a kid who has veered his bike onto the pedestrian path and then stopped with no warning, and ran past the scooters that would take me back to my car in relative comfort, and completed my run for the week.

It wasn’t as good as last week’s run and I was hit with a wave of doubt that I’ll never be able to do this within the time limits, frustrated that the work I put into running doesn’t seem to result in the improvement that it seems fair to expect. But I’ve heard from plenty of IRONMAN finishers that doubt happens to everyone, and so I know that it’s normal and I don’t let it get me down. Soon enough I’ll have another opportunity to get better at this.

Open Water Swim

This was a lovely workout. The water was cold but not freezing, I wanted to practice without the wetsuit, but this swim was twice as long as the last one and I didn’t want to have to stop because of cold, so I went with tri shorts and a thermal rashguard and traded a little warmth for the extra work of swimming in the heavy shirt.

After the run in the sun earlier it was nice to get in the cold water, plus Julianne came with me and a great friend of ours met us there. They hung out in the water while I completed my swim (and having them cheer wildly at the beginning and end of my swim was just extra awesomeness!) Then we all hung out and talked while relaxing in the ocean. The swim went pretty well – the water was a bit choppy and when I would turn my head forward to sight (as opposed to sideways to breathe) the chop would hit me in the face and I’d have the opportunity to drink some seawater.


Woke up feeling really sick to my stomach. Not sure if it’s all the ocean water I drank yesterday or something else. I decided to do my interval ride on the trainer rather than outside in case things went from bad to worse. I didn’t feel great, but I was able to complete my ride, finishing up a rocky week by taking my wake up work out streak to 21 days.


Walk/run intervals

Shorter runs, longer walks, more intervals than last week, faster than last week. That’s sort of the story of this journey – a ceaseless push to do more, faster than you did last time. In dance, you have the dances, the time for each dance, and the choreography. So you’re always trying to get better within those constraints. But for this journey, almost every workout is about trying to go farther and faster than the last one for what is actually about five and a half months (until my IM) but currently feels like forever.

This run was ok, but not great. My sleep schedule is pretty messed up which means I was running later in the day, and it’s getting hotter which is…unpleasant. But getting used to working out in heat is an important thing to do, so chalk one up for building heat tolerance.

In good news, I finally got some new sun protection shirts, and they are not coral (salmon?) colored. I have skin that burns super easily and little t-rex arms, so if Julianne isn’t available (or awake) I can’t really be relied on to accomplish good sunscreen coverage (ask me about the time I had to sleep on my stomach for a week because I missed a spot befoe a 10 mile run/walk.) So I found sun protection shirts.

If you don’t often buy athletic gear for a fat body you may not know that often you have to take whatever they have in your size. When I bought my shirts the color they had was coral (salmon?) So I have three of them in that shade. Now I can finally rock out in pink!

What’s Next…

About Ragen Chastain

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be Iron-distance triathlete, Activist, Fat Person.
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3 Responses to I Miss Running At Night

  1. Nice job Ragen. Everyone training for an Ironman has doubts at times. I had nightmares about not finishing a lot and expect to have them again before IMAZ. You rock. You keep getting up and doing the workouts. That is what counts. As for the crowded path… I would already be looking for a nice trail somewhere.


  2. Bear says:

    I love my sun protection shirts! Good find.


  3. Moniqa Aylin says:

    Yay pink!


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