Stop and Celebrate

In a further return to post-injury normalcy, I’m finally back on the road with Phyxius We’ve been working on the trainer for a few reasons – I can make it as easy as I want to, so I can work on cadence even if the ankle doesn’t allow me to push at all, I don’t run the risk or a crash or an emergency that causes me to have to step down onto the bad ankle, I don’t run the risk of a mechanical issue that causes me to have to walk miles back to my car in my cycling shoes.  Which is to say that it make good sense but I’m happy to be feeling better and back on the road.

Those of you who’ve been here since the beginning (I should send you your own medal!) may remember that when I first got my bike riding wasn’t a big problem, but stopping was.  I basically fell over almost every time I stopped.  It was ridiculous. It turns out it was also emotionally scarring.  Even thought it’s been forever since I’ve fallen, it’s in the back of my mind every time I stop.

For those who may be wondering, the problem seems to be that  I was scared to really hit the brakes so I would just slow down to a crawl and then kind of try to stop Barney Rubble style, putting my foot down before the bike was fully stopped.  Then…I would be on the ground.  Not awesome.

Considering it had been a long while since I had ridden on anything but a trainer, on my first ride back my anxiety about stopping the bike started before I even got on the bike. By the end of the relatively short ride I was getting pretty worried – I’ve never actually been injured falling like this, but it’s exceptionally humiliating. As I rode into the parking lot it was full of people.  Frickin perfect.  I hung my good leg off the bike, hit the brakes hard and came to a graceful stop.  I played it cool, but in my head I was celebrating like Rube in Major League 2 when he successfully throws to the pitcher.  Was it an act worthy of celebration? No.  Was I (internally at least) celebrating anyway? You bet your ass.

Now I’ve got some rides in on the road and it’s feeling great to be back out and …knock on carbon…all my stops have been fall-free.

All smiles after stopping successfully at the end of my ride last night!

9.12.17 Bike

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Now An Actual Rain Cloud

I’ve been enjoying open water swimming recently and this weekend I headed to the ocean to try out my new Aquatard from Swimsuits for All  (full disclosure, they gave me a suit a while back to try out,  I liked it so much I paid my own money for this suit, I don’t get compensated for linking to it, I just thought people might like to know where they could get one.)  I bought it because I haven’t been able to find a tri suit in my size and this is one of the things I’m considering using as one. It was around 5:30pm and the beach wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, which was nice.  Julianne and her visiting family decided to play in the water while I did my swim.

I took off and felt really strong though it was tough going for the first half – the water was a bit choppy, and there were a ton of boats outside the swim area which made it even choppier in an totally unpredictable way.  It’s still a weird sensation to me to be swimming while little waves hit me in the head every few seconds, and I understand that this is nothing compared to people who swim in real waves.

Unfortunately there were lots of stand up paddle boarders and kayakers in the swim area.  Despite my efforts to avoid them one of them bumped up against me trying to get over the rope that divides the swim section.  I pointed out where the launch area where she wouldn’t have to deal with the rope for the way back, but she was struggling and I was afraid it would take her the entire time that she had rented the kayak for to get over there so I held the rope down so she could join her friend (whose sole contribution to the situation had been to float on the other side in his kayak and scream “PADDLE!”) and wished her well.

As I turned around and headed back I’m pretty sure the tide was coming in because the ocean was trying to push me back onto the beach. My sighting left much to be desired – I knew I was drifting but then I heard a conversation on one of my breaths and thought “What are people doing out here?” Turns out they were hanging out in the shallows and I should maybe take another less in sighting.

Maybe writing about my perceived personal rain cloud was tempting the whatever from high atop the thing, because I suddenly felt an odd sensation – I picked my head up and realized that it had started to rain – sprinkle, really but this is Southern California so people were freaking out and engaging in a mass exodus.  This become more comical a couple of minutes later when it started POURING down rain and people began to run from the beach like they might melt (and to be fair there’s no way to know if you will since there’s never rain here.)

On another breath I heard a stand up paddle boarders scream “Oh my god I’m getting soaked”  that would be something that I would assume was well within the realm of possibilities were I balancing on a piece of plastic in the middle of the ocean, but I imagine people who have some skill can expect that they will stay dry the whole time.

And lest you think that I’m immune to questionable behavior in the face of precipitation, I started to ask myself questions like “Does rain bring toothy sea creatures to the surface?” And “am I going to be hit by lightening?” It definitely put the proverbial spring in my metaphorical step and I finished the swim in a respectable time.

As we drove away Southern Californians were being Southern Californians in a way that made me smile – people beeping every few seconds and turning on the hazard lights to make sure that… I’m not sure actually but it’s adorable though Julianne’s relatives who were visiting from Montana were less than impressed with our inability to handle…really any weather at all.

The new suit passed the test, sort of.  I don’t love swimming in the aquatard, it’s a bit of the vague discomfort of a wetsuit without the speed and buoyancy benefits, but it may well work if I had to bike and then run after this.  And I think has more drag than a regular suit which, if it’s true, makes it a helpful training tool.

Workout selfie and post workout “look at this rain!” picture

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My Personal Rain Cloud

Triathlon raincloudI feel like the three years that I’ve spent training for a IM have had a bit of a little rain cloud over them. There are little things – just recently my dog chewed up the charger to my heart rate monitor, I went to put on my wetsuit and it ripped, ongoing issues finding gear and kit that actually fit me, blah blah blah.

But there have also been much bigger challenges as well – I’ve gotten  sick at the worst possible times, had frustrating injuries, a really unexpected DNF out of the water at a half IRONMAN attempt, and though I’ve worked really hard I just haven’t gotten better as fast as I thought I would.

This torn ligament has put me firmly under the cloud.  First, I tore it. Then it was re-injured when a lady stepped on it with all her weight, now it’s getting better (again!) but all the stuff I did to heal it has aggravated my achilles.  I went to the doctor to get more x-rays and I have a heel spur.  It’s possible that I’ve had it for a long time since I had been managing achilles pain for a while, but now it’s not just at the beginning of activity, it’s all the time.  So all of my physical therapy activities are switching to managing that.

My doctor thinks I can avoid surgery (which is great since he says that would be five months with basically no training) and get it back under control with PT and icing and such and get back to running in 2-3 weeks. At this point I’ll be fine to do the shorter races on my schedule (I may have to walk the run, but I can definitely finish them) but while lord knows I’ve been aqua jogging my ass off, I’m ridiculously behind in my run training and once again in serious danger of not being able to complete the Ironman. Which blows.  And I want to be clear that any successes are shared with Coach Steve and any failures are mine alone.

So I’ll have to decide whether or not to try this year (provided my doctor even thinks it’s a good idea) But then there’s the bigger question – do I turn this two year project into a four year project and try again in 2018. I’ve certainly come a very long way since not being able to swim 10 laps without feeling like I was dying, and falling down almost every time I stopped my bike. My last really long run was super promising and made me feel like I could definitely get it done this year – until I found out that I had torn a ligament doing it.

My friends and family and especially Julianne are incredibly supportive of me – and also remind me that I’m a good and worthy person whether or not I ever cross and IM finish line. I know that’s true, and it’s reassuring, but I also believe that I can cross the finish line and I really want to. I took on this challenge knowing that I wasn’t going to be good at it, I just didn’t know how right I was! So for right now I’m going to worry about getting my ankle healthy (the good news is that I have a super common injury so the path to getting better is clear) and focusing on the short distance triathlons I have coming up, and then I’ll make a decision about the IM next year.


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Whale Watching

Last week was a fairly normal week of training, three swims, three bikes, two strengths and two aqua jogs, the only excitement being that I was out of town speaking at the Summer of Body Love Conference (which was awesome, hi everybody!) and that meant the joy of working out in a sketchy hotel gym.  Biking on an ancient stationary bike, strength workout using body weight since they didn’t have proper strength equipment, and then aqua jogging in the moonlight in the hotel pool while an amorous couple looked like they very much wished I would leave.

This week had much more excitement.

On Monday I was scheduled for an Open Water Swim.  Julianne decided that she wanted to swim as well so we headed to the beach. We got into water only to be thrown out by the lifeguard.  It turns out there was a baby whale in the area. According to the lifeguard, the baby was separated from his mother in Mexico and he has been making his way up the California coast. He explained that the baby is confused and lost, and appears malnourished but because he is Federally protected (as a grey whale) there is nothing that they can do. A crowd was gathering and soon enough he surfaced in the middle of the canal.  Then a few minutes later he surfaced in the middle of the swim area.  We stayed for a while and saw him surface several times – it was both sad and magnificent – and then we wished him well and headed home.

So I swapped my Monday and Tuesday workouts and did my speed work on the bike trainer and strength workout on Monday.  On Tuesday Julianne and I headed back to the ocean and this time we got to swim.  I decided that it was high time that I do my open water swimming without my wetsuit. That is how I learned that I somehow feel like my wetsuit has stealth capabilities, as if being in the water without it would make me a sure target for sea creatures (this was not helped by my newfound knowledge that the swim area is deep enough to completely contain an 18 foot whale.)

The first half was against the current which is always interesting, feeling the small waves rhythmically hitting me in the head as I fought to make progress. The way back was MUCH easier except that I had to dodge four adolescents who had decided to paddle – well, try to paddle – inflatable boats in the swim area. It seems like no matter how I tried to get around or past them they kept floating really close to me and they couldn’t control the boats so my progress was slowed by constantly swimming around me.

I also realized that I have never named my Garmin, which is odd since I name basically everything.  At the end of this swim I realized that she had shorted me by quite a bit and that sealed the deal – her name is officially “Cruel Mistress” or CM for short.

Then yesterday was swimming speed work – I was totally thrilled with how it went, I was able to hold speeds much faster than I have previously been able.  I decided to really focus on breathing (I have a tendency to lift my head too far out of the water which hurts my neck and is inefficient) so I focused on breathing in the TI way of keeping one eye in the water.  It was more efficient and comfortable but it also caused me to swallow a bunch of pool water which was less fun, but at least I was fast. Then it was aqua jogging to finish off the day!

Workout Pictures:

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Vacation Catch-Up Update

I knew this was going to be a tough week because I was out of town for the second half of the week.

Wednesday: spin and strength

We were headed out of town on Thursday and between packing and other errands I had to run I knew that I had two windows when I could get this done – in the afternoon, and later at night.  My afternoon window disappeared when our little dog suddenly got sick and I to rush him to the vet to make sure he hadn’t aspirated since he can easily get pneumonia.  He was fine, but I missed my chance to bike.  My night window disappeared with issues with our Turo rental.

So I pushed the bike and strength to Thursday and though it delayed the start of our vacation a bit and meant that I had to use my kind-of-crappy home hand weight set, I got the workout in (and Julianne and our friend Ericka were both very kind about it.)

I also had an aqua jog scheduled Thursday so we checked into the place we were staying and then headed to the nearest beach so that I could get it in before dark.  The nearest beach was super wavy so it wasn’t so much aqua jogging as it was fighting the waves and trying not to get our asses kicked by the ocean.

Friday was my day off.

Saturday I had another aqua jog.  This time we went to a protected area so we were able to go out until the water was over our heads and I was able to actually aqua jog. It’s away more fun in the ocean than the pool.

Yesterday we headed home, then had some family stuff, and I had to get up early in the morning so I did not get my scheduled bike in. I’m kind of bummed about that but overall I’m glad that I was able to get most of my workouts in.  This week we’ve got family visiting at the beginning of the week and then I’m out of town for a speaking gig over the weekend so it’s going to be another week of working hard to get all the workouts in.

Today was a swim focused on speed work. I was really happy with the workout.  The thing about Total Immersion swimming is that it’s technique based so if you work hard (ie: increase stroke rate) but your stroke goes to shit, then you end up working harder but not going much faster, a particularly irritating situation which I have personally experienced.  Today though my increased work actually translated to increased speed which was nice.

Workout Selfies:



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Noswimatall Syndrome

Noswimatall SyndromeAlright, three workouts to catch up on – the first is bike on the trainer.  It went fine and it looks like I might get to go ride outside on Sunday so I’m pretty excited about that.

Next was strength training which went great.  I wore my Marilyn Wann Fat!So? shirt and some guy came by, stopped in front of me and made a big show of rolling his eyes and sighing.  So I rolled my eyes back and gave him the move along signal with my hands, and he did.

I hit the locker room to change and was overcome by sudden onset Nowimatall Syndrome – which is the intense desire not to do the swim I was supposed to do. (It turns out that one of the symptoms is sitting in an empty locker room and updating Facebook.) But I overcame it and got my ass in the water.  It was a ladder swim (each interval 25 meters shorter than the one before, with the last interval being 25 meters) with two intervals more than last time.

It actually went by pretty fast except for the laps where the woman who cleans our gym decided to take the hose across the pool. Her job is hard and I certainly want her to do whatever it takes to make it easier so I’m not mad at her at all, but one of the things I’m working on with my technique is keeping my head down looking at the bottom instead of looking ahead of me, which meant that I often didn’t see the hose until we were intertwined which did not help my time.

I suspect that the second half of this week is going to be tough, I’m going out of town and skipping workouts will likely be tempting so I’m trying to get fired about about completing all my workouts.



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Can We Talk About This Picture?

It’s been a long week and I was thrilled to only have to swim today.  I was about half way through when it happened again,  2 open lanes and a woman got in my lane with me. I’m not sure if she was doing rehab or just having fun – both of which would be fine except I was swimming laps and she was bouncing around in a pattern that I found impossible to predict.

I slid over to an open lane and finished my swim uneventfully.  When I was done and getting out she said “You didn’t have to move, you weren’t in my way.” She was quite a bit older than me and I wanted to be respectful so I just said “I figured since there was an open lane I’d give you a lane to yourself” and smiled. I went to the hot tub and she went back to bouncing around.

Which brings us to the picture we (I) really need to talk about.  I go to several different locations of my gym, but at this one, the following picture is on the wall next to the hot tub. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a little ridiculous, but now after spending tons of time stretching and relaxing in the hot tub and pondering the issues with it, I feel the need to talk about this to somebody and you, dear reader(s?) are it.

8.6.17 Bonus

Let’s talk about the team across the net.  The two people on the outside look like they could have possibly hit that ball (though why they would use a closed fist is beyond me.) The person in the center looks like they were photoshopped in from one of those jump for joy car commercials of my youth.  Also, if everyone is jumping – who set the ball?  I guess maybe it was a shanked pass from the other team and they all went up, or the setter is out of the shot, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now let’s talk about the team closest to us.  First of all, this is exactly how not to play volleyball.  If you go to a volleyball game, from junior high to the Olympics, you will at some point hear the coach yell “play your positions” or “don’t clump up on the ball” (clump up may have just been my coach’s term but you get the idea.) See, there is a big court and you want to get a pass, a set, and a spike each time the ball comes to your side and everyone lunging within two feet of the ball is not the way to get that done.

The person in the stripes to the left seems to be running and pointing at the ball.  If you feel that’s the greatest contribution you can make to a play, perhaps stay where you are. The person in the orange-ish shirt has not only taken their eye off the ball, but off the entire play, making them a threat to run into their own team members. The girl in the striped shirt on the right has her hands folded in a way that will seriously hurt if the ball hits them, but at least she seems engaged in the play. The girl in the green may actually make contact with the ball (and/or get a mouthful of sand) but it’s definitely going to hurt if she does, because they are playing with… a soccer ball.  Dude. Ok, thanks for sharing my pain on this.

All in all I’m proud of this week – I had a funeral (love you Grandma Lou!) a big family function, and food poisoning and I still completely all 11 workouts over 6 days (with one scheduled day off.)  Bring on next week!




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