Stuff I Like

Here are things that I like, if they are also things that I get for free or for a discount or support me in any monetary way, you’ll see that noted.  Regardless, they are things that I would use/pay full price for.

The Fit Fatties Forum

I co-founded this with fabulous fitness professional Jeanette DePatie (aka The Fat Chick) It is a place for people of all sizes and at all levels to talk about movement/fitness/exercise etc. from a weight-neutral perspective.  It includes the forum which is free to join (which has a general forum, groups like newbies, oldbies, runners, strength athletes etc., a photo and video gallery, fun things to participate in like the Virtual Decathlon, and the Flying Rhinos which I’ll get to in a minute), and a Facebook page.

The Flying Rhinos

The Flying Rhinos is the “outloud” public face of the Fit Fatties Forum, it was created as part of our mission to carve out space and obtain visibility and respect for fat people in the fitness world. We live our mission out loud, wearing our official Flying Rhinos shirts in everything from our own movement activities and classes, to organized races, sports, and events, and we have our own group in the Fit Fatties Forum to get support, talk about upcoming events, submit race reports etc., we even have our own Race Team for people who participate in organized events!  If you want to know more about that, e-mail me at ragen at ironfat dot com.


This company makes traditional Chinese medicine tinctures and other products.  One of the owners used to be my acupuncturist. I regularly use the Back in Action and Peak Power formulas and during allergy season I use Easy Breather.  I can definitely tell the difference when I take them and when I forget.  I swear by them and I know a lot of other people who do as well. (Note: Though they’ve never asked for anything in return, Herbalogic has definitely given me free products over the years and just shipped my most recent order at no charge.)

Legacy Running
4103 Viking Way
Long Beach, CA 90815

I’ve had absolutely terrible experiences with buying gear, especially at stores like this, so I was a bit nervous going in. Casey was friendly and put me at ease right away.  He was super knowledgeable, incredibly nice, helped me find shoes that work for my hard to fit feet, helped me with lacing options, invited me to join their running group, gave me ideas for motivational movies, all while being supportive of my goals, treating me with respect, and not engaging in any fat stereotyping/shaming/BS.  I came back for follow up a couple months after my first visit and he helped me find insoles that make the shoes work even better for me and again was super nice and professional.  I really can’t recommend this place enough! (Note:  Casey gave me a discount on my insoles the last time I was there to say thanks for my business, without asking anything in return.)

Tri Pacific Bike Shop
5470 E 2nd Street, Ste D
Long Beach, CA  90803

This is an amazing bike shop.  David Renaud, the operations manager, helped me learn about options for tri bikes at different budgets, helped get me fit for a bike and was absolutely amazing! Plus there were some pros in there when I was there and I got to see a $22,000 racing bike which was beautiful! I had been searching for a wetsuit that would fit and was at the end of my wetsuit-finding rope, afraid that the only option was a ridiculously expensive custom wetsuit. Then I found  Extended sizes, body descriptions that are funny without being fat shaming, good prices, fast service, and if you like the suit you can even buy it. What’s not to love?!


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  1. Neith says:

    I was wondering if you have any favorite exercise tracking apps. Currently I use a little old-school notebook, but I’ve been shopping around for apps and I’m having trouble finding ones that track more interesting statistics than “calories burned” (my goal isn’t to burn calories, it’s to exercise regularly and hopefully improve my strength and endurance). I’ve seen a few gps-based apps that keep track of distance and speed, but that doesn’t really work for in-gym workouts.


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