Support My IRONMAN!

The IRONMAN requires a ton of training, and no small amount of money (gear, clothing, and entry fees all add up).  So I’m having a sale on all of my stuff!  The digital downloads (both the e-book and the dance class downloads) are  Name-Your-Own-Price and the books and DVDs are all on super sale.  (And hey, you can always buy an extra copy for a friend, family member, or even a local library!)   You get books and dance classes, I get spandex clothes and bike parts. Everybody wins! Enjoy your stuff and thanks for supporting my IRONMAN journey!

No money?  No problem!  If you feel like it, you can leave a comment saying something encouraging, that’s incredibly helpful as well!


Book 2My book – Fat:  The Owner’s Manual 

This is a book for anyone, of any size.  It’s about living life in the body you have now, and making decisions about what you want in the future. (note, you must use the links below to get the sale prices.)

E-book – Name Your Own Price (You’ll receive the file within 24 hours)

Book with shipping to the US included:  $15.00

Book with shipping to Canada included:  $20.00

Book with other International Shipping included:  $25.00

DVD CoversDance Classes – Every Body Dance Now!

Each DVD includes a warm up/cool down and a beginner, intermediate and advanced class with options to make things easier or harder.  You can buy the DVDs or download individual classes. Full descriptions are here but you must use the links below to get the deal!

Dance Class Downloads (you’ll receive your file within 24 hours)

Volume 1

Volume 2


Both Volumes

Volume 1

Volume 2

Thank you so much for your support!!!!!

2 Responses to Support My IRONMAN!

  1. Seriously, I’m geeking out here! I recently found your blog and I love it! Our bodies are our bodies, no matter what they look like. I get so tired of people commenting on fat or the lack of fat on other people’s bodies. I’m a dancer, I love to dance and I teach dance, and I get tired of people thinking they are “too” of anything. If you are “fat” be fat. If you are “skinny” be skinny. If you are “short” or “tall” or have “one leg” AWESOME, own it and dance anyway.
    XXOO to you for being you.

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  2. Lisa Roberts says:

    I read the hate mail page and was totally disgusted, you dont deserve any of that. I had no idea that many people lived in their mothers basement (lol) I wish you the very best of luck with the Ironman. My friends and I are training for a sprint triathlon next year and it is more work than I knew I cant even begin to fathom the work and motivation needed for an ironman.

    Just do your best and try and enjoy the journey, forgot the haters, some of us are really with you.
    Be well


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