Head Above Water

It’s a big day for me y’all. For the first time since Coughapalooza 2019 (Part 2) I made it through a swim workout without having to stop to cough. This is great news for the workout and because coughing underwater is…unpleasant. I know they say to stay hydrated out here in the desert, but I’m not sure involuntarily sucking in a gallon of chlorinated water is what they had in mind.

So…progress. And, not to jinx it but, another solid week of workouts so far:

Mon: Run/Walk, Pushups
Tues: Bike, Squats
Wed: Run/Walk, Swim, Pushups

And because I’ve been watching the West Wing Again, I’m compelled to close with:

What’s next…






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A Solid Week of Workouts

Last week, for the first time since getting super sick, I put together a solid week of workouts. The only time I’m still experiencing coughing is when I swim but even that’s getting lots better. I will say that being sick has reminded me to make the most of the time when I feel well, and so I’m using the motivation of the days I spent sitting around wishing I could be working out to fuel my current workouts.

Last week’s workouts:
Mon: Run/walk, pushups
Tuesday: Bike, Squats
Wednesday: Run/walk, Pushups, Swim,
Thursday:  Bike, Squats, Pilates
Friday: Day Off (we went to the Grand Canyon which was amazing, I’ve never been before!)
Saturday: Run/walk, swim
Sunday: Bike, pushups




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Doing Squats In Public Restrooms

I’m trying to look at the bright side and not wallow in my frustration but I’m really struggling. I can do all my regular life activities without coughing, but after my run Monday night I started coughing again. I did a bike trainer ride and I had to take coughing breaks and was way more tired than usual.

I have  been getting in my squats and pushups. I do 10 of each, every hour on alternating days. Yesterday was squats and because we were out of the house having fun I got to do squats in interesting places including the parking lot of the dim sum place when we arrived, and in the restroom of the dim sum place in the middle of a leisurely dinner (I was just not up to doing squats in the dining room of a reasonably fancy place!) At least they didn’t make me cough.

I’m feeling supremely frustrated, but I’m getting my workouts in.


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Groundhog Day, er…two weeks

Groundhog Day is a movie in which the main character keeps living the same day over and over again. I find myself in a similar position.

Almost exactly a month after getting sick for two weeks in January, I got sick again two weeks ago. I started with a day of a fever, body aches etc. and quickly developed into a cough that would not let up. Coughing until I vomited multiple times a day.  I went to urgent care where I nice doctor wasn’t sure if I just never got over the first bout, or if ist was something new.

He prescribed a cough syrup, oral steroids, and breathing treatments. That helped a little – allowing me to sleep for 3-4 hours before waking myself up coughing, but I wasn’t getting any better than that. Back to the doctor and this time he  said that we should assume it was bacterial, enter antibiotics. I started to feel better two days into the 6 day course – if I sat very still I could avoid coughing as long as I didn’t attempt anything really athletic – like walking across the living room to the bathroom. I’ve gotten oh so gradually better.

I missed a ton of workouts and also fun stuff – Julianne’s family visited us for 6 days and I could only participate in the activities that didn’t require any walking around, which were not many of them. They were very kind and understanding but I felt like the most rude hostess ever.

Today I was finally well enough to attempt a workout – a 30 minute run/walk that ended up being mostly walking since any running effort started me coughing. But at least I’m working out again.

This is beyond fucking frustrating. Every time I get any little bit of momentum going something knocks me down. But all I can do is get up and keep going. This is the fifth (and final) year of my 2-year plan so all I can do is throw myself at this as hard as I can for the next 9 months.



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Who Is This Person?

Ok, I’m starting to suspect that I might be possessed. The evidence:

A couple runs ago, I did a 10 minute warmup without my phone/music and didn’t even notice. I am typically desperate for musical distraction (If you’re new, you should know that I have rescheduled runs after I was dressed and out on the street because I realized that my ipod battery was low and might not provide music for the entire run)  I only realized it when I needed to use the metronome for the running intervals. Dude.

The next run, I stopped looking at my watch and went two minutes over the time I had to do. I’m almost certain that has never happened before!

And, I asked for more workout. I feel like I could use more core – especially for the bike session so now on days that don’t include 10 squats every hour, I’m doing 10 push ups every hour.

So, I think it’s pretty obviously a possession – I have no other explanation!


Monday: Run, push-ups

Tuesday: Spin workout (I’m headed outside to the trails on Thursday!), Squats

Wednesday: Run, push-ups This was a tough run – it was freezing outside and I was exhausted (my sleep cycle is really messed up and the only thing that fixes it when it gets like this (not sleepy until 8am – sleeping through the day etc.) is just to stay awake through a sleep cycle so that I’m tired at normal people bedtime, and so by the time I was scheduled to run I was exhausted)  then my watch wouldn’t connect to the satellites so I wouldn’t even have a record of the effort! Luckily it was a time-based workout and I’m proud of myself for doing it.


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A Tale of Two Gyms

icicle winter snow

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Since we are going to be spending a couple of months in Vegas I have been exploring all the local training spots. I did the internet research before I got here, but – and I know this is shocking – what the internet says isn’t always true 🙂

I really gave the closest location of my gym the old college try. They don’t have towel service (a thing I never cared about until I started going to a gym with towel service) but that wasn’t a deal breaker. The thing that was a deal breaker was water temperature – the pool is way too hot – it’s almost the same temp as the hot tub, which is awesome for a therapy pool but not awesome for swimming as hard as you can. To make up for that, there was no hot water in the locker room. I don’t mean that it didn’t get hot enough. I mean that, everywhere on the shower dial, it was ice cold. (The showers were also tiny and only “private” in as much as a too-small curtain hung on a tension rod, which I don’t care about but I felt might affect the safety of trans and non-binary people in the .) I asked at the front desk and she said that the pool usually isn’t that hot and that the hot water “sometimes runs out.” At 2am with nobody else in the gym though? I tried three times and both things were an issue all three times.

Last night I decided to drive farther to try a different gym. It was night and day. They had towel service, the pool was the right temperature, the locker room was beautiful with actual shower stalls that were super roomy and had doors that closed. So I have a new home gym for the next couple of months, totally worth the drive.

I also scoped out bike paths, and I’m glad I did, since one that was marked “moderately hilly” was actually in the mountains. I let my coach know his options in case he ever wants me to ride with these kinds of hills, but my triathlons won’t include hills like this. For the other trail I wasn’t able to see anything but the entry point.

Workouts since last I blogged:

Saturday: Bike
Sunday: Swim, Run, Squats

I was supposed to hit the trails on my bike but it was pouring down rain and windy AF and I just chickened out – I was not prepared to ride a trail I had never seen in those kind of conditions as my first ride back on the road in a while. I’m not going back and forth about whether it was the right or wrong call, but it’s over so…


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Me and My Chi Running

Run SlowWell, things have finally gotten better. We are settled into our new place, I am feeling much better, and I have hit all my workouts. I don’t want to use the M-word for fear of jinxing it, so let’s just say that I’m happy to be back in a good groove.

As anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows, I’m a glacially slow runner. I have no problem with that, but the IRONMAN time limits do, so I have to find a way to speed up, increase my distance, and avoid injury. I’ve dabbled in the past with Chi Running – a style of running that is influenced by T’ai Chi. I saw some improvement, but I wasn’t able to fully integrate it into the running schedule I had then. Since I’m at the beginning of another training cycle I’ve decided to fully commit and see what happens – I think that having technical aspects that I can focus on to improve will be really helpful, and since running has been my most injury-prone sport, Chi Running’s focus on injury prevention definitely appeals to me.

Here are my workouts since last I blogged:
Saturday: Swim, Run, 10 Squats each hour
Sunday: Bike Ride
Monday: Run
Tuesday: Bike, Squat
Wednesday: Swim, Run
Thursday: Bike, Squat
Today: Rest Day




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