Vacation Catch-Up Update

I knew this was going to be a tough week because I was out of town for the second half of the week.

Wednesday: spin and strength

We were headed out of town on Thursday and between packing and other errands I had to run I knew that I had two windows when I could get this done – in the afternoon, and later at night.  My afternoon window disappeared when our little dog suddenly got sick and I to rush him to the vet to make sure he hadn’t aspirated since he can easily get pneumonia.  He was fine, but I missed my chance to bike.  My night window disappeared with issues with our Turo rental.

So I pushed the bike and strength to Thursday and though it delayed the start of our vacation a bit and meant that I had to use my kind-of-crappy home hand weight set, I got the workout in (and Julianne and our friend Ericka were both very kind about it.)

I also had an aqua jog scheduled Thursday so we checked into the place we were staying and then headed to the nearest beach so that I could get it in before dark.  The nearest beach was super wavy so it wasn’t so much aqua jogging as it was fighting the waves and trying not to get our asses kicked by the ocean.

Friday was my day off.

Saturday I had another aqua jog.  This time we went to a protected area so we were able to go out until the water was over our heads and I was able to actually aqua jog. It’s away more fun in the ocean than the pool.

Yesterday we headed home, then had some family stuff, and I had to get up early in the morning so I did not get my scheduled bike in. I’m kind of bummed about that but overall I’m glad that I was able to get most of my workouts in.  This week we’ve got family visiting at the beginning of the week and then I’m out of town for a speaking gig over the weekend so it’s going to be another week of working hard to get all the workouts in.

Today was a swim focused on speed work. I was really happy with the workout.  The thing about Total Immersion swimming is that it’s technique based so if you work hard (ie: increase stroke rate) but your stroke goes to shit, then you end up working harder but not going much faster, a particularly irritating situation which I have personally experienced.  Today though my increased work actually translated to increased speed which was nice.

Workout Selfies:



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Noswimatall Syndrome

Noswimatall SyndromeAlright, three workouts to catch up on – the first is bike on the trainer.  It went fine and it looks like I might get to go ride outside on Sunday so I’m pretty excited about that.

Next was strength training which went great.  I wore my Marilyn Wann Fat!So? shirt and some guy came by, stopped in front of me and made a big show of rolling his eyes and sighing.  So I rolled my eyes back and gave him the move along signal with my hands, and he did.

I hit the locker room to change and was overcome by sudden onset Nowimatall Syndrome – which is the intense desire not to do the swim I was supposed to do. (It turns out that one of the symptoms is sitting in an empty locker room and updating Facebook.) But I overcame it and got my ass in the water.  It was a ladder swim (each interval 25 meters shorter than the one before, with the last interval being 25 meters) with two intervals more than last time.

It actually went by pretty fast except for the laps where the woman who cleans our gym decided to take the hose across the pool. Her job is hard and I certainly want her to do whatever it takes to make it easier so I’m not mad at her at all, but one of the things I’m working on with my technique is keeping my head down looking at the bottom instead of looking ahead of me, which meant that I often didn’t see the hose until we were intertwined which did not help my time.

I suspect that the second half of this week is going to be tough, I’m going out of town and skipping workouts will likely be tempting so I’m trying to get fired about about completing all my workouts.



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Can We Talk About This Picture?

It’s been a long week and I was thrilled to only have to swim today.  I was about half way through when it happened again,  2 open lanes and a woman got in my lane with me. I’m not sure if she was doing rehab or just having fun – both of which would be fine except I was swimming laps and she was bouncing around in a pattern that I found impossible to predict.

I slid over to an open lane and finished my swim uneventfully.  When I was done and getting out she said “You didn’t have to move, you weren’t in my way.” She was quite a bit older than me and I wanted to be respectful so I just said “I figured since there was an open lane I’d give you a lane to yourself” and smiled. I went to the hot tub and she went back to bouncing around.

Which brings us to the picture we (I) really need to talk about.  I go to several different locations of my gym, but at this one, the following picture is on the wall next to the hot tub. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a little ridiculous, but now after spending tons of time stretching and relaxing in the hot tub and pondering the issues with it, I feel the need to talk about this to somebody and you, dear reader(s?) are it.

8.6.17 Bonus

Let’s talk about the team across the net.  The two people on the outside look like they could have possibly hit that ball (though why they would use a closed fist is beyond me.) The person in the center looks like they were photoshopped in from one of those jump for joy car commercials of my youth.  Also, if everyone is jumping – who set the ball?  I guess maybe it was a shanked pass from the other team and they all went up, or the setter is out of the shot, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now let’s talk about the team closest to us.  First of all, this is exactly how not to play volleyball.  If you go to a volleyball game, from junior high to the Olympics, you will at some point hear the coach yell “play your positions” or “don’t clump up on the ball” (clump up may have just been my coach’s term but you get the idea.) See, there is a big court and you want to get a pass, a set, and a spike each time the ball comes to your side and everyone lunging within two feet of the ball is not the way to get that done.

The person in the stripes to the left seems to be running and pointing at the ball.  If you feel that’s the greatest contribution you can make to a play, perhaps stay where you are. The person in the orange-ish shirt has not only taken their eye off the ball, but off the entire play, making them a threat to run into their own team members. The girl in the striped shirt on the right has her hands folded in a way that will seriously hurt if the ball hits them, but at least she seems engaged in the play. The girl in the green may actually make contact with the ball (and/or get a mouthful of sand) but it’s definitely going to hurt if she does, because they are playing with… a soccer ball.  Dude. Ok, thanks for sharing my pain on this.

All in all I’m proud of this week – I had a funeral (love you Grandma Lou!) a big family function, and food poisoning and I still completely all 11 workouts over 6 days (with one scheduled day off.)  Bring on next week!




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At the Gym with Three Pairs of Shoes

Pug wearing sneakersI am going to be in trouble when Coach Steve sees my update today.  I had three workouts to do today and, technically, when I have more than one workout (excluding strength) unless he specifically says it’s a brick workout I’m supposed to put a few hours between them.  But today I had a spin, strength, and aqua jog.  The day got away from me a bit (unexpected car repair) and so I did them all at once.  Sorry Coach Steve!

This led to the realization that I really need a new bag.  I have an adorable pink argyle bag that Julianne got me that is just big enough to fit my swim stuff.  And I have a duffel that could almost fit my bike into it (I got it at the last minute for my Half IM attempt when I realized that I had all the gear I needed but no way to transport it to transition. It’s what they had at Target in Tempe and it’s a fine bag but it huge and inexplicably has no shoulder strap and I don’t love it.)

I went with the swim bag but I definitely maxed out its capacity.  As I got ready to go to the gym I felt like a line producer trying to make sure I got everything organized and packed.  This is a day that required me to be at the gym with three pairs of shoes (bike shoes, sneakers, and my poolside/shower shoes.) I’m not going to lie, that seems excessive.

The spin went fine except it went by incredibly slowly. I’m still super excited by every strength workout – yesterday I did lower body since I had to swim, today I did upper body since I had to spin and aqua jog.  The good thing about aqua jogging is that it cools me off after the other workouts.

This weird thing happened – it’s happened before and it confuses me.  My gym pool has three lanes, each of which can comfortably accommodate two people.  I was the only person in the pool when I started my workout, then another person got in to swim, and used the same lane as me.  Y’all, is this a thing?  Are there people who are excited to share a lane even though there are two empty lanes available?

Any way, the aqua jogging went by fast and then it was just a quick shower, packing up my ridiculous amount of crap, and another day’s workout’s done.  Of course it’s 8:40am and I’m still awake from yesterday so my sleep cycle is officially completely screwed but at least my workouts are done!

Today’s Selfies:


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Swimming to Horror Movie Music

Today did not go to plan. I had a trainer ride, strength, and swim workout to do, plus I had to deliver Julianne to the train station. I got up and knocked the bike out first thing, got Julianne to the train station with no problems, and decided to treat myself to some delicious Chinese takeout for lunch before going to the gym late to do the other two workouts.

Instead it turned out that I treated myself to what I assume was mild food poisoning.  I started feeling better around 2:30am and then waited another hour just to make sure I was ok, and then I headed to the gym.

The weight lifting went well, unfortunately I’m having to be careful of the ankle again – at Julianne’s Grandma’s funeral a woman accidentally stepped on the top of my foot in a way that pulled at the tear and now it’s hurting more than it has in a while, which is obviously a serious bummer (can I, for the love of everything, catch a freaking break?) But there’s nothing for me to do but keeping working through it.

I got changed and headed to the pool.  As soon as I started swimming I knew it was going to be a long workout.  First of all, there was a guy walking back and forth and humming/singing a song.  I don’t know what song it was, but it sounded like it was whatever they play in horror movies right before the monster kills the kid at that camp they keep going back to despite the yearly murdering of a bunch of kids by a monster.  I could just vaguely hear it as a swam but every time I did a turn it was like The Open Turn On Elm Street.

Also, the tiredness hit me a couple of laps in. I felt like a car stuck in first gear, like… I knew that I had more gears, but I couldn’t access any of them at that moment. It was sloooooow (though still more than fast enough to complete the IM under the cutoff) and it was done to a live performance of horror movie music, but at least it was done. Now I’m wide awake at 8:30am so this is shaping up to be a weird day.

Also I came home to this e-mail and wanted to give props to Pinterest for their shockingly accurate algorithm:

running and hash browns

Today’s workout selfies:


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Weights Weights Everywhere

Today I was scheduled for strength and an aqua jog.  I  was super excited to lift some weights and it went really well – I felt great and my ankle was solid and only hurt at the end of the single leg press (after I had already done the double leg press.) Lifting weights makes me happy. But some things don’t make me happy…

I just had to take a picture of this mess for a series I’m going to call “What freaking asshole did this?”

This is the spot where the 15 pounds weights are supposed to go (Note the very clear label, visible on the left)

what asshole did this

These are the clearly labeled 100 pound weights, sitting in the clearly labeled spots where the 15 pounds weights are supposed to go. These were two of many very heavy weights placed in the wrong spot.

seriously, what asshole

The 100 pound weights get racked all the way across the gym from the 15 pound weights so either someone did this on purpose because they are trying to work out some insecurity issues, or someone carried the 100 pound weights across the gym and then was too lazy to take them back.  Either way – this is not cool.

PSA: Re-rack your weights in the right place. The front desk employees who are responsible for keeping the weights neat (and who shouldn’t have to do that because we are all adults who should be able to put our shit back in the right place) may not be able to lift and carry multiple 100 pound weights across the gym.

Then it was on to aqua jog.  I soon found that I had left my ipod on, so the battery was dead.  This is a recreation of what ensued:

Me:  Ok, that’s got to be at least 5 minutes done.


Me:  Seriously?!?

Repeat roughly every two to three minutes until done. Interestingly, the pool was slamming at 1am.  There was a couple swimming and doing what looked like partner stunting, there were two guys swimming laps, there was another guy doing rehab work who had brought his four kids who were doing kid things (Marco Polo, splashing around etc.) It was certainly the busiest I’ve ever seen it this late, so that provided some entertainment.


Tomorrow is my day off so I’ll be back on Friday!

Today’s Workout Selfies:


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Trainer Ride and Better Ankle

Trainer dogToday was another trainer ride. It was fine and I had the Spartan Team Challenge finale to keep me company. I used to mount and dismount using my left foot but that’s no longer a good idea (I was reminded last week the hard way) so I’m getting use to doing it backwards.  I’m glad that I’ll have the muscle memory locked before I head out onto the open road.  I was able to push harder today without any ankle pain.  I think the ligament tear is finally healing.


Today’s workout selfie (this is what happens to my hair when I have a fan blowing on my during a trainer ride…)

8.1.17 Bike

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