A Solid Swim

Today was a swim divided up into three sections with short breaks in between.  I was able to kick a bit more without my foot hurting (yay!) The inability to turn properly is still frustrating (I find if I don’t slow way down on the turn muscle memory takes over and I push off with both feet which, when it happened, was excruciating.)  I’m also getting over a cold (though let’s not  tell Coach Steve, I promised him I wouldn’t catch Julianne’s cold!) so I had to take some breaks to cough while doing my rescue stroke. Also, apparently it’s time for new goggles because the left one kept filling with water but I didn’t want to lose time so I just swam with them that way and emptied them during the short breaks.

Overall it was a solid swim and, like with my last trainer ride, I felt like I was actually training again.  I swam steady speed across all three sections, and it went by really fast. All told did 1.27 miles in an hour.  That’s certainly not as fast as I was covering that distance before, nor is it how fast I want to cover it for the IM (although it would be good enough – if my math -and online pace calculator- are right, this pace would see me finish the swim in about an hour and 53 minutes which would leave 27 extra minutes – some of which will be taken up by the ridiculousness of a triathlon swim as well as errors in sighting that would cause me to swim a more than the prescribed distance.) But my goal isn’t just to do the swim in under the time limit, it’s to do the swim as fast as possible so that I can buy myself extra time for the run.

In really good news, I finished feeling like I could have gone on swimming forever, so I’m feeling great about today. Oh, and I keep forgetting to include my crunches but I’m still at 500 a day, still working on 500 in a row.

Current Mood (particularly the line starting at 1:03 – includes lyric NSFW unless your W is super cool.)


Today’s Workout Selfie:

6.24.17 Swim

What’s next…

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I had a trainer ride scheduled for yesterday but my ankle hurt pretty bad all day so I swapped my usual rest day (Friday) and the bike ride .  This ride was a little over an hour, and included some steady riding, some longer intervals, and some short sprints.  For the first time since the injury I was really able to push.

It wasn’t quite the level that I was doing before, but at least my legs got tired and I finally feel like I’m training again, which is to say that I’m back! And I think that this feeling can best be expressed in an interpretive dance:


Today’s workout selfie:

6.23.17 Bike

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I’m Going TITS Up!

Coach Steve and I were messaging about gaining speed on the bike and I asked if we should do a strength program.  He responded that strength wasn’t my issue, then this happened:

Me: If strength isn’t my issue on the bike, what is?
Coach Steve: TITS
Me: They are always getting in the way.
Coach Steve: Time In The Saddle
Me: I stand by my interpretation

At least now I know what’s in my future… Today, however, was a walk. It’s just super weird.  I spend all my waking hours except my workouts in a walking cast, and my sleeping hours in a soft cast, and even when I bike and swim I try to keep the ankle and foot immobile.  So when I start to walk it feels like being the tin man before Dorothy helps out with oil.  It’s not just the injury, it’s that everything is stiff.  Then I have to go so slowly that people ask me if I’m ok.  It’s just an endless self-esteem boost out here.

I learned the hard way that listening to my regular run playlist was a bad idea since it encourages me to go fast and the current goal is to go easy and not prolong the injury, luckily I had The West Wing Weekly Podcast to keep me company! I got it done and it didn’t hurt so progress is happening, I’m sure in no time I’ll be back to running in a way that makes people ask me if I’m ok! Also, 500 crunches. This time I did 426 in a row so I’m closing in on my 500 in a row goal.

Today’s Workout Selfie:

6.21.17 Run



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Swimmy Swimmy

Today was a swim workout.  Just 1300 meters, split between sprint/cruise intervals and then steady swimming. I was kicking both legs at the start but my left ankle started to hurt pretty badly and so, following the doctor’s orders,  I finished without my kick. It was frustratingly slow, but a good chance to work on the finer points of my stroke and I’m finally making it through the whole workout without my ankle stopping me, so yay for that! Another step (or, I guess, stroke) in the right direction.

Today’s Selfie:

6.21.17 Swim

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Five Months To Go

In many ways it has been a really good day. The swelling in my ankle is almost completely gone and it’s no longer stopping me from completing workouts, though they are much easier workouts than I would normally do. Still, I did a bike trainer workout tonight and my ankle felt great.

It other ways, it is a really rough day.  I have exactly five months until my IRONMAN and I really want to be putting in serious miles right now and not doing watered down workouts waiting for my ankle to heal.  I can still make it but it’s going to be a (metaphorical at least) sprint to the finish!


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Just a Little Bit Bad

Yesterday I was scheduled for my first walk since the injury, but I woke up with my ankle in pain and it hurt all day so I was only able to complete my 500 crunches.

Today I was scheduled for a bike ride.  I tried to do it on the trainer but I’m having issues with my seat that I’ll tell you about when I understand what’s going on, so for today the short story is that I had to haul my cookies to the gym to complete the workout.

The idea was to do the first half easy, and then do intervals for the second half.  My doctor’s instructions to me were the I could start working out if I promised to stop when it hurt and not to work though pain.

I made it though the first half fine, and I tried not to repeat the mistake of my last ride by not cranking up the resistance too high for the first interval, so I added resistance and increased my cadence.  That went ok but toward the end of the interval I felt a little pain. I’m frustrated with the limitation and so I decided that I would back it  way off for the easy interval and see if the pain continued.  It went away and I felt fine.  The next interval was going ok, I just started to feel the littlest bit of pain at the end of the interval, so I was going to back way off again for the next interval and see if I could get the pain to stop. But as I reached for my water bottle, my left foot flexed more than I wanted it to and pain shot through it, so I called it a day.  Still grateful to actually be back at it, very happy that I was able to go longer than my last bike workout, but also aware that the time is ticking away.

Also completed my 500 crunches.

Today’s Selfie:

2.15.17 Bike

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Locker Room Talk

I’ll get to today’s workout in a moment but first I need to have a little talk with the people who use the same locker room I do.  I’m talking to y’all because I don’t know what goes on in the other locker room.  But I know what goes on in our locker room, and it is some bullshit.

Today as I tried to find a shower to use after my swim, I found that every single shower stall had a bunch of hair in the drain.  Almost half of them also had a wet towel left behind on the shelf, and the blue ribbon loser had a hairball on the floor, a hairball on the wall, a soaked towel on the shelf, and a FLOSS PICK on the floor.  WT Actual F?  I mean, seriously.

Let me say that if you are someone with a disability that causes these situations, I’m definitely not talking to you.  I’m talking to people who can pick up their hair, and towels, and floss sticks but don’t.  If you want to plaster every surface in your bathroom at home with your hair, and have a floor covered with floss sticks (I mean, ouch, but whatever) knock yourself out, that’s your bathroom.  This is NOT your bathroom, this is everyone’s bathroom. Kindly pull your shit together.

And while we’re on the subject, horking (hocking?) loogies (lougies?) on the floor is a big bowl of nope.  Just no.  Story time: I once took off my swimsuit to rinse it in the shower and accidentally dropped it.  When I picked it up, someone else’s mucus was all over it.  I hadn’t seen it because the floor of the shower is pretty much mucus colored. I’m grateful that 1. I dropped my suit onto it instead of stepping in it and, 2. it was a really old suit so I decided that it had had its last swim and I threw it away before I added vomit to the bodily fluids on the floor.

And if you don’t work out late at night, you probably haven’t met Marta, who cleans our locker room as well as a lot of the rest of the gym.  Marta works her ass off and always takes the time to smile and say hi. When I came in with my air cast on she (despite the fact that I create a language barrier by not speaking much Spanish) took the time to say how sorry she was and wish me a speedy recovery – no other employee, including the front desk person who regularly watches me the whole time as I limp in, has even mentioned it. What I’m getting at is that Marta is awesome, and she has a lot of things to clean, and none of them should be our hair from the shower drain.

Can we please be together on this?  Can we give Marta and each other a break and put our towels in the used towel bin and our hair and (I can’t believe I have to type this) floss sticks in the trash (both of which we pass on the way from the showers to the lockers by the way)?  Can we? Please?  Thanks.

Today’s workout:

I got to swim without the boot.  It was glorious, though still slow because I’m trying not to kick and I can’t turn properly.  As regular readers know I’m a Total Immersion swimmer which means that I don’t do a big flutter kick thing, but the kick does help drive the rotation that creates the power in a TI stroke.  It was easy not to kick with the boot on since it was so buoyant, but muscle memory kept kicking in (see what I did there) and I would kick and it would hurt so after about 1,000 meters of drills, speed work, and then steady swimming my ankle was pretty sore.  Got home and iced it and it’s feeling great so I’m very happy.  Tomorrow I get to try walking – woo hoo.  I’m excited about the walking and excited because I’ll be listening The West Wing Weekly podcast, which I can’t believe took me so long to start.

Speaking of podcasts, I got to be interviewed for Dietitians Unplugged, one of my favorite podcasts and it was super fun! We talked about ways to make the fitness world more accessible for fat bodies.  You can check out my interview and/or the other fantastic episodes at http://dietitiansunplugged.libsyn.com/!

Today’s Selfies (swimsuit courtesy of Swimsuits for All!)




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